Pontus J. Back
, from Vasa, Finland has a past as a touring musician since 35 years. His career took off after meeting Whitesnake guitarist Micky Moody in London in 1995 and after that he toured with members of bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Status Quo, Whitesnake, Molly Hatchet, Frankie Miller Band to name a few. His first solo album ”Ride to Freedom” was released in 2009, two years after he had a spiritual encounter with Jesus on his death bed.

Rocking Pastor?

Pontus is an ordained minister of the Gospel from Fountain of Life Church in Okeechobee, Florida USA. His home church in the US. Over the years he has recorded several solo albums, both secular and with a christian message.

- People told me I can’t play rock and roll when I became a born again Christian. I am just in the middle of showing the world that it is fully possible to do this and all different music styles can be used to share the good news, Pontus says.

Three Chords is the title of the new album that also is his fourteenth album since 2009.

- It has been fun to work on this particular album. I have been working with the best and the songs are rockin’, Together with Janne Hyöty, Joona Ekroos, Mikko Rintanen, Elna Romberg and Camilla Cederholm we have managed to get a good mixture of both worship and rock and roll. I am thankful, Pontus says.

The songs?

- As I said it is a mixture of both worship songs or ballads and pure rock and roll. A mixture of southern rock and Status Quo with
some more drive and beat to it, Pontus laughs.

The ”Three Chords” was released February 2nd 2023!

Rockabilly Hymns

The second album is a very different album to the ordinary Pontus J. Back "southern rock and blues style". Rockabilly Hymns is an album with old hymns in Rockabilly style. He explains:

- In my life it all started with Elvis Presley. From there I became a huge fan of the Swedish band The Boppers. I collected everything that had to do with The Boppers. About that same time range when I as a kid walked with a 50´s hair due Stray Cats came out and I loved them. To do Rockabilly has been like returning to my roots and this particular album was a very fun project, Pontus says.

Again Pontus entered the studio together with his old friend Janne Hyöty, who also arranged and produced the album. To get an authentic 50´s style Rockabilly bass legend Johnny Hatton (The Brian Setzer Orchestra) play bass on the entire album. Joona Ekroos is behind the drums again and Elna Romberg is bringing her own color to some of the songs.

- To me it was huge to have Johnny Hatton on bass. Someone who actually played with the big Rockabilly names like Brian Setzer. He did such a great work and he is such a wonderful person. It also meant much to me that The Boppers singer Matte Lagerwall is on board on one of my own songs, "Say a prayer for me". Those who have heard The Boppers version of the song "Good night sweetheart" will hear Matte do his thing. I just love the album and I am working on an extended version of the album in Swedish.

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