We are on the winning team

11 June 2024
Dear friends, The days have been challenging but we are going towards better times. After we returned from Germany I decided to take some days off and just get out with my boat. I went far out in our beauti...Read more

Why should the devil have all the good music

28 May 2024
Dear friends, Our tour is over and we have been on the road for 43 days and we have driven around 5000 kilometers. If you have followed our previous posts you know that we started in The Netherlands and continued...Read more

Thank you Netherlands and Germany

21 May 2024
Dear friends, Our tour of The Netherlands and Germany is over for this time and I have to say that we have had a fantastic time. May be not fantastic in the usual way, but fantastic in a spiritual way. We h...Read more
Trying out the new Harley Benton Travel Mate guitar

The Gospel in a way people can understand!

13 May 2024
Dear friends, We have now installed ourselves in the wonderful camping park almost in the heart of Nürnberg. Last week was a happening week and as I wrote last time we started the week with a school visit and...Read more

God set His standard on the cross!

7 May 2024
Dear friends, Another week of ministry here in Germany is behind and last time I wrote we had just arrived at wonderful Der Genusshof in Niedermulsen. We were taken care of very well and we had all we nee...Read more

We have been reaching out!

30 April 2024
Dear Friends. We had a couple of days off at a beautiful farm next to a kanal, right outside the city of Dokkum. We stayed there for two nights. The weather was rainy and cold but that just makes our Gospel Expre...Read more

We started at a chicken farm!

23 April 2024
Dear friends, We have now been on the road for one week and we have had such a blessed time. We had some issues the month before we left. I had an infection in the knee I had a knee replacement in and for a while ...Read more


30 March 2024
Dear friends, Now we are living in historic and very important times for mankind. This time of the year we remember what Jesus did for all of us. He was beaten to such horrible condition. He carried His cross...Read more

Jesus in our daily lives

23 March 2024
Dear friends, We are very excited about the coming times. Now we have released the single ”Blessed Assurance & Say a prayer for me” from the upcoming Rockabilly Hymns album that is being released April 19th. ...Read more

All we need is love!

11 March 2024
Dear friends, It is now over 17 days since my knee replacement and I am doing very good. Much better than expected! I have not taken pain killers for some time now and I have been able to been out walking arou...Read more
Surgery day

Thank you for your service!

29 February 2024
Dear friends, I am back at home since Monday and today, February 29th (leap year) we get to celebrate my wife as it is her birthday. It feels good to be home and to be honest I just think God is in all of this as ...Read more

Surgery coming up

12 February 2024
Dear friends, I just got back after a wonderful and beautiful snowmobile ride in our beautiful archipelago. A nice way to clear the mind on a Monday afternoon. The sun was going down and it was really beautifu...Read more

A different time

2 February 2024
Dear Friends, It has been a while. Here in Finland we have had a very interesting winter so far. The weather has been very cold, it has been so cold that we have struggled with frozen pipes and water leaks in o...Read more


31 December 2023
Dear friends, Today is the last day of the year 2023 and it has been a very different year. I guess all years are different but after the pandemic and everything that came with it things has changed. Some t...Read more


27 November 2023
Dear friends, The last two weeks here in Germany has been very different in many ways. We continued our tour with a fantastic evening in a church in the city of Greitz. We had a good crowd and people had invi...Read more
Our spot in Nurnberg

Dentist & Gospel tour

14 November 2023
Dear friends, It has been a while since I had time to do an update. We have been very busy on the road as well as doing coming episodes for the TV program that premieres on Kanal 10 Norway, December 1st. We a...Read more

Things are starting to happen!

20 October 2023
Dear friends, It has been a while but we have been busy doing new productions both for our weekly broadcasts on the internet as well as for Kanal 10 Norway. As it looks now they are starting to send our progr...Read more
From one of the videos

Reaching souls from home

16 September 2023
Dear friends, As you all know we returned from last trip a few days early because of a reason within the family. The situation is now stabilized but I have felt that I have been needed here as a helping hand....Read more

A big day today!

21 August 2023
Dear friends, It has been a while since I wrote and today is a very special day. I will return to this but first I want to share the rest of our Swedish tour. Last time I wrote we had just arrived to Mat...Read more

Good news to the people

24 July 2023
Dear friends, It has been a while and we have been driving around here in Sweden now for almost one month. Since last time we have had some time off due to some human misunderstandings but I have written pret...Read more
End reached