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Making Germany great again

24 April 2018
Dear Friends,

It is today one week since we left home. It took us three days and two nights to get here to Wetzlar in Germany where we have based out of since Thursday last week. Thankful to sister Linda and her husband for the hospitality. This trip has started way better than we could have imagined. There is something with this year that is different. Never ever have we experienced what we are experiencing now. It was the same thing in the USA where we saw more people saved during the first week and half then the last three years in ministry over there. We are excited!

We started ministering in Marburg last Saturday. During the day we had church for some homeless people and people with addictions. It is sad to see so many wonderful people live like this but if we can be a blessing to them by encouraging them to believe in Jesus and pray for them we are 100% in on that. We had the honor to pray for many and talk to many of them. We really hope the best for these people. We have learned that most of these people are kind people but they have run into circumstances in their lives. It can happen to anyone of us.

The same evening we had a church service in the same city and it was a fun night as well. During our time in Wetzlar we have also been planning for the future. We have talks with different people to set up a more organised and local ministry model for the future. We want to break new ground. Sunday morning we shared this at our home church, Anskar Church.

Sunday evening we had a wonderful time in Haiger-Sechshelden. Our friends Sonja and Jens Killian who we met through ERF TV had set up an evening at the town hall. It was great and the best of all were all those people who normally don’t attend church. Last night we spoke to a youth group here in Wetzlar and today we had our first deserved day off.

We still have over two weeks to go. Tomorrow we are visiting ERF TV again and on Friday we are back in Haiger-Sechshelden for a youth night. Saturday a worship festival in Zwickau and Sunday morning a church service in Nurnberg. Many exciting things coming up and as we said we are excited.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. We are constantly in need of more partners and if YOU want to be part of reaching souls for Jesus do not hesitate to contact us with further questions or check our donation and partner page.

Greetings from Germany!
God Bless Ya’ll!

Pontus J. & Sebastian Back