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1 September 2018

Dear Friends,

About one month ago I decided to open my heart and write from my heart on the #walkaway campaigns Facebook page. Here is what I wrote:

I am not an American citizen but since a little child I have had the dream of America in my heart. As I toured throughout the world as a rock musician for years I have visited many countries. Of course America was my absolute favourite country. Why? Because I liked how open the people were. The first time while staying at a Time Square hotel I entered the elevator on my way to way room on the 44th floor. Where I come from, Finland we do not speak to foreigners so I prepared for a silent elevator ride up.

What opened my eyes for the American spirit was a man who asked me how I am doing? I was like; - What, does he care about how I am doing? He dos not even know me! But deep inside it felt good. It felt like caring about one another. That was the first memory I have that made my American dream move forward.

That is now 14 years ago and since I have spent around three to four months of the year in your wonderful country. Some nine years ago something changed. Many of my friends seemed to be disappointed about the President of the United States. I could not understand why. I had absolutely no insight in politics. In 2007 I had encountered a miracle on my death bed and this changed my destiny. I became a born again Christian. What I loved about America was that you could talk about your faith with anyone and it seemed to be a nation under God.
I did not think about the political part so much. I just let things go in through one ear and out through another. What I enjoyed with America was that I had and I have so many wonderful brothers and sisters there who share the same faith as I do. Most of them did simply just say that they did not agree with the President (Obama) but they pray for him as the Bible tells us to do.

Election time came and Obamas 8 years were soon over. I had no clue at all what was going on until I started to watch the debates. Being a foreigner but still American in my heart I had mixed feelings with both of the two that were left. Still it was unbelievable funny. Over here it was like ”stand up comedy”. While listening to what Trump said and comparing that with what Clinton said gave me many insights. As a Christian the most important for me was to keep the Christian values the country was founded on as here at home in Finland.

I was in Okeechobee, Florida on the election night and me and my son were watching. It was a night I never will forget. A few days earlier I had experienced politic hate for the first time in my life and that was when a local business man cussed out a customer as he was voting for Trump. I could not understand this kind of hate. Well, it was here it all started. When Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America.

I thought that everything will be like before and those who did not vote for the elected President would do as all other I knew had done, prayed for the Commander in Chief. This did not happen. Instead there were people protesting and being violent. I could not believe it was true but we all know how much hatred there is out there right now and since President Trumps first day in office. This became interesting for me as I spent time over there and kept myself informed whit the going on’s. While at home in Finland or traveling in any other country I still followed what happened in the White House. So many good things was my opinion and I started to like President Trump more and more. When I started to watch the press briefings in the White House I was surprised over how arrogant, childish and negative the media people were. They were just looking for something negative to write about. Nobody was interested in the good things that have happened since President Trump became President.

From my point of view America is not the same anymore. The country filled with loving people is no longer the country I originally fell in love with. What I see is so sad. While the President is trying to do his best to actually MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN the other side is doing everything to stop him. I do not see any of the Christian values and people who does not agree praying for the President. Instead I see people being attacked for being a supporter of the President and this is just too lame. It is too low for a civilised nation as USA and it is seen around the world. Yes, the entire world are watching CNN and all the others acting like little children in their sandbox being mad and can’t get over it. They can not find anything positive and it has gone so far so what is told to the people AROUND THE WORLD are manipulated lies. This is not the America I felt in love with!

I have seen with my own eyes how open borders works. Europe is a mess. I have experienced it myself being over taxed and most part of my income has gone to pay tax. I experience a $8 / gallon gas price daily because of taxes. We have more gang rapes, car fires, shootings and crimes than ever. Why? Because we gave up the foundation (GOD) that we once stood on.
I wanted to make my voice heard as that one dude from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean who have carried the dream of America in his heart for over 40 years. I know that dream will become true but first America has to be made great again. It is happening now, we see it from over here. Let the President do what he does best and what he is called to do. If I was able to vote I would NEVER vote for democrats as everyday I see how it is more about hate, lies and attacking the authority instead of backing up and praying for the authority. God still has the last word and personally I believe that God picked Donald Trump to become the 45th President of the United States for a reason. We all know why.

In only a few days my words had 3000 SHARES on Facebook. People contacted me and I received a massive amount of loving feedback. I could not believe this when I wrote it. This has given us new brothers and sisters as well as NEW open doors for the future. It is just mindblowing how God works.


This has also led to new music. As I wrote I have had America on my heart since a little boy. Soon the four track NEW release "The Dream of America" is out. It is the most secular music I have written since I became a christian. Still I believe it will be a tool to draw closer to those who do not yet believe. This is our MAIN thing and we all know that without JESUS I would be dead, very dead. Like graveyard dead!

We are looking forward to return to the USA in October and November. Now September has started and we have some work at homebase as well as a short trip to Sweden. We are MEGA EXCITED over many things right now. We have also seen who are our true friends and not. Because of our positive opionion of President Donald Trump we have lost friends and I know that there are people who would like to see me crucified. Christians who can not agree to disagree, one of the keys to keep a church alive. Well, I have made up my mind and I will obey the Lord and speak the truth as the media is not able to do so. Jesus, Himself said: "I am the way, the truth and the life..."

God Bless you all!
Pontus J. Back