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7 September 2018
Dear Friends,
The last weeks have been totally different. But it is like always when God is up to something we also face trials and tribulations. The sad part is that the body of Christ is so divided that people can not even pick up the phone and ask me what the plan is. Neither can fellow christians hold themselves for commenting negatively on my Facebook posts about the new release ”The Dream of America”. During the last days I have heard the most bizarre stories about what people talk about me. Only because I stand behind President Donald Trump and consider him as one of my brothers in Christ.

Doors are open that I never could have imagined opening. This is a WAY wider platform to preach the Gospel on than sitting in a park in Germany or entertain other christians in a small church. When I got saved Jesus gave me a clear calling and all we have done and all we do right now is to reach even more souls for Jesus. We are thankful for the doors opening as this might be what we have been praying for the last 10 years. It might be something that leads to a small financial breakthrough so we can reach even more souls. Also me and my family are living on very low income. Our entire family earns less than one foreigner gets paid by the government per month. This is the truth and I have decided to not talk about it before but now is the right time to put all cards on the table.

We might face something that will make life easier for us. We do not have to recycle empty bottles to get food on the table at times. We don’t have to stress about how we are going to make it to the next time we ”might” get some money to live on. The ministry is totally separated from our personal life and the ministry does NOT support our living. Our ministry has invested more in reaching people than it has brought in. This has been possible by a handful of true supporters.

I know where the problem is. It is in the name Donald Trump. Personally I can not tolerate that hate that I have seen from christians, especially in Germany towards the President of the United States. When I ask them why they hate him so much they refer to what he has done or what he has said. When I then ask them where they got their information they say they heard or red it in the news :) Give me a break! Some even say they have inside information and even badmouth people who truly have served God their entire lives. I have decided to distance myself from these kind of people and walk the path God has planned for me, my family and our ministry. What we do we do for the Lord.

We are happy to announce the new release being out October 1st. You can listen to a few songs here as well.

We are returning to Sweden soon. We have a wonderful brother who have set up five meetings in three days. We are going to be out with the people. We are going to visit people at hospice and we are going to pray for the sick. We want to see those who don’t yet believe get saved. This is where our heart is. We want to see people saved. We are looking forward to get out on the road again soon.

This summer we have spoken to over 1000 young people in our home area. This has been something wonderful. The most important message is of course the message about Jesus and eternal life. Still when we meet the young people I have to warn them about the dangers with drugs and alcohol as that is what Jesus told me to do almost 12 years ago.
In October we return to America to make America great again. We are excited to return as voluntary missionaries and during this trip we have more recovery centers, prisons and homeless ministries set up than ever before. We are also scheduled to be at events where we can reach thousands of people. We are going to hook up with NEW connections. Connections we never could have dreamed about. We are going to make America great again and that together with fellow christians in Jesus name.
We are thankful, we are excited. The future looks bright and all the glory goes to God!

God Bless You All!
Pontus J. Back