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It is a privilege to travel with my son, Sebastian
It is a privilege to travel with my son, Sebastian

We know our purpose

3 October 2018
Dear Friends,

The fall has arrived and the times are getting darker. On a personal level this time of the year has always been very hard for me. Therefore I am extra thankful to God for calling us to travel to the USA for 49 days where we can do what we do best; tell people about Jesus.

But before we leave we have things to do. This coming weekend we are having two major youth events in Nykarleby and Jakobstad here in Finland. Last week Swedish evangelist Sebastian Stakset visited the area and the churches are experiencing some kind of movement. We visited the same are this summer on several youth camps and for some reason the youth are more open there than here in our hometown Vasa. I guess it is partly because of the big problems with drugs and alcohol in the area. People see how other people destroy their lives with drugs and alcohol and are desperately searching for another way. This is why it is so important to tell these precious young souls about Jesus. He is the way, the truth and the life. We are very excited about this coming weekend.

As I said this time of the year is a very hard time for me personally and I know lots of people who are struggling with fall depression. Still I have to say that on the inside I am filled with joy. This joy comes to life when I get to talk about Jesus. There IS a reason for why God has called us to the USA. Not only that I need to get some sunshine and light. I also get some SONshine as when I tell my life story at different places somethings happen with me that I can not describe with words. It is like returning to where I was 11 years ago when Jesus had dramatically changed my life. This is the purpose for my life today and we have now done this for soon 11 years full time. This year we celebrate 10 years of ministry.

The road here has not been easy. I have done many mistakes that I regret but most important is that even if I am far away from perfect God is using something like me. Just think about that for a moment. If God can use something like me, imagine what HE can do with YOU. There IS a higher purpose for your life and that is when you start to serve the Lord. I have found my purpose and now I know why I am still alive.

What happens in the USA?

Apart from the left and the right not being able to connect and America is divided, regular people are getting lost. There are millions of people in America who has not yet grasped the concept of GRACE. When we go to America we go as voluntary servants of God.

Last week we ended our first fundraiser for our upcoming missions trip to America. We reached one sixth of our budget. Thank you all who donated so far. Because of YOU we have a start and we ARE on our way!

We tried to start a new fundraiser on Facebook but for some reasons Facebook does not allow us to raise funds for our cause anymore. May be Zuckerberg and the others have dived to much in the left direction and are opponents of the Gospel?

49 days and our main mission is to visit recovery centers and homes for both you and old people with drug- and alcohol addictions. Youth facilities, prisons, detox clinics and outreach events. Our focus is to reach the people where they are and we are delivering a message of HOPE!

Now we are starting our last fundraiser and we hope and believe we will have all funds raised before October 16th when it is time to pack the bags and get on the road for JESUS!

To donate you can use our non profit organisation, Rockpastor Ministries bank account:

IBAN: FI3649700010005435

You can also go to PayPal and use the e-mail:
We totally believe this is something we do TOGETHER!

God Bless You All!

Pontus J. Back