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It started like an explosion

6 March 2019
Dear Friends,

We have now arrived to sunny Florida and we are so thankful, blessed and amazed right now. When we say that God is good we really mean it.

We arrived late Tuesday night and checked into our ”home” in Fort Pierce. Thanks to Jim and Ruth for letting us use their wonderful home. The following evening we had a chapel service at St. Lucie County jail. We have been there before but never have we experienced anything like this and this is just the beginning. We saw around 20 men accept Jesus Christ into their lives. Praise the Lord!

The following day we visited the Detox Center in Okeechobee where we had a small group but they listened to the message of hope and we saw people receiving Christ there. From Okeechobe we drove back to St. Lucie County jail for a new group and it was like an explosion. We saw another 47 men deciding to follow Jesus and I became speechless. I have been three months out of ministry and stepping out again with a start like this is nothing else that confirmation and God’s grace. I am so thankful that I gave up and gave everything in the hands of the Lord.

Friday we drove down to Lake Worth and hooked up with AMB The Rock band. We played one set Friday night and two sets on Saturday on the Midnight Sun Festival held in Bryant Park in the heart of the city. Sunday morning we did a Gospel concert and one more rock and roll set in the afternoon. Straight from there we went to the Finnish Pentecostal Church where we participated in their Sunday service.

On all places we have presented Jesus as the one HE IS. The best moment so far was of course the first two days but we had lots of fun with the band at the festival and even if it was a secular festival we could share our testimonies and talk about Jesus. I did not see anyone offended and that surprised me. The best talks were with people we met. One man who said he was a doctor told me that it is impossible that I was in such bad shape 12 years ago. I tried to tell him that Jesus saves, heals and restores but he did not want to listen. I shared other things with him that I have seen with my own eyes and his eyes got a little bit wet so he walked away. I am sure he got something to think about.

It is all about planting seeds in peoples hearts. To tell them straight that Jesus IS Lord and skip the nonsense. There is only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus. We could not have had a better first week and start than this.

Midnight sun festival

Last weekend we were playing with The AMB Band at the Midnight Sun festival in Lake Worth. The original plan was to have a Gospel concert Sunday morning but we ended up playing some rock and roll sets Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was good fun and even if we played secular cover songs mixed with some originals there were a natural way of sharing the hope that is in Christ. Personally I have played ”Knocking on Heavens Door” all my life and could lay it aside. Still it has a message and after the guitar solo there is a great opportunity to silence down the song and talk about knocking on heavens door. The message is clear and the Jesus door is the only door that leads to eternal life and to heaven. A perfect opportunity to share what Jesus has done for us all and it is a song that all wants to sing along.

Sunday morning we had the Gospel Concert and Sunday evening we were at the Finnish Pentecostal Church of Lake Worth. Monday we had a well deserved day off. Yesterday, Tuesday we had a group of wonderful people at Rehab of South Florida. From there we returned to Lake Worth for our last performance with the AMB band for this time. It was another wonderful night in the presence of Jesus.

Gainesville Raceway

Tomorrow we are off to Gainesville Raceway for the first race of two. We are going to be there for two weekends in a row reaching people with the good news about Jesus Christ. Thank you all for praying for us and all of you who have supported us. We love you all!
God Bless You All!


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