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Be stand by!

21 June 2019
Dear Friends,

It is midsummer in Finland today and all over Scandinavia people are putting on a major party. One of the biggest celebrations of the year.

Many people gather out by the waters at their summer cottages. Even if this is a celebration weekend it is also sad. So many people celebrate with alcohol and every midsummer there are several drowning accidents that are caused by alcohol. There are also traffic accidents and other things such as fires that are taking lives. Even if this is a celebration weekend it is also sad. I remember my past as a heavy alcoholic and midsummer was a time for the ”big party”.

Another sad thing are all those people who are lonely. Those people who have no friends. They feel rejected and are treating themselves with drinking more alcohol. Sad but true, there are too many lonely people around and what do we do about it.

Actually it is a little bit frustrating for me with all these midsummer conferences. I do not know how many of them there are only in Finland and Sweden. Christians gather by the thousands to fellowship with each other and praise the Lord. Honestly I am not a conference person at all. Why organise these big gatherings for christians when there are so many people that need company and help during a weekend like this. I received an e-mail today if I was aware of that a preacher was visiting Finland this midsummer. While I was writing my reply that I was very much aware of it I just felt an urge inside of me to lift this issue up into the light. As followers of Christ we always need to be stand by in case someone needs our help. That is how I know Jesus. He is always standby and is always there ready to help and rescue. How can we be standby when we isolate ourselves with other christians that are already saved? We put our mobile phones on silent and just enjoy what we call the ”atmosphere”. To me it is just so wrong. It is our obligation to be there for those who are in need and I know there are many fellow believers thinking the same way.

We are going to be standby here at home. Most likely we are going to do a few drives around the area and check on people. We are going to spend some time with people who have no other people to fellowship with. This is our midsummer this year.

Coming up

End of this month we are off to Sweden for our third year at Big Power Meet in Lidköping, Sweden. We are there for one reason and that is to spread the Gospel. Big Power Meet is counted the largest outdoors American car show in the world and these people really need to hear the good news. This year the arrangements are different. Previous years we have been there with the band but because of changes in the entire city we are going to be there with Rock Force One and set up our rock and roll stand in the middle of the mess and hope to bless. God blesses us so that we can be blessings to others. Wednesday July 10th we are going to be in the park in Sandviken sharing the love of Jesus with the people.

Another trip to Sweden is planned later in July when we are going to start off in Viksjö, July 31st and also be with Rock Force One on the Big Meet & Motorweek at the airport in Kramfors, Sweden. As it looks right now we are heading towards Poland, Lithuania and Estonia from there. The brethren down there are on the case and we are waiting to hear from them. It is sure an interesting year with new doors opening up.

Our entire family wants to wish you all a happy and blessed midsummer!

Pontus J. Back

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