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Florida Sunshine

16 October 2019
Dear Friends,

We have arrived safe to the USA. We left home early Tuesday morning and because of a delayed flight we arrived in Orlando, FL late Tuesday night. The time difference is seven hours so it was more or less a 24 hour adventure but we made it safe. Brother Tom Ratliff picked us up and took us to his home in Eustis, FL where we spent the two first nights. The day after we arrived our new tour vehicle arrived and we immediately started to work on the layout. It is another hearse and it carries the same message as the one back at home in Finland; Don’t worry! There is life after death.

Death is a think that many people are wondering about and like in my life it turned out to fear and anxiety. Today I know that I have eternal life because of what Jesus has done for all mankind. Imagine that we will live in a place called heaven forever. We want to talk to people about this and the hearse is a key to discussions with people where ever we stop. We are now printing ume some tracts to give away with Bible verses that backs up the life after death. It is up to each and everyone to chose where to spend eternity. Heaven or hell? I am absolutely sure nobody wants to end up in hell but you can not earn your way to heaven. I have heard it so many times when people say they are good persons and why should they end up in hell? Well we are all sinners and we need forgiveness and salvation. Jesus is the only way to eternal life. What do you have to loose? You do not have to become religious to be a believer.

On Thursday we drove down here to Fort Pierce where we are staying in the Allen’s house as they are not here. This is a huge blessing for us. We have had lots of things to do with the new album being released as well as prepare for this two months long missions trip.

Sunday we had our first service and it was also the official release party for the new Rock Force One album. We were together with our church family Reach Church at Archies Seabreeze that is a bar. Wonderful set up and a good first meeting.

Reconciliation in relationships

Sunday was also the first time I shared about something that God has put on my heart and talked to me about for quite some time now, reconciliation in relationships. I have seen the power in the testimony in my own family. I travel with my son Sebastian who did not have a father before. After Jesus stepped into my life everything changed. If God could do this in our family and our relationships He can and also wants to restore relationships everywhere. We are called to love one another and live in forgiveness. I have to ask people for forgiveness all the time. I also have to forgive. It is all a process but doing this together with the Lord it will be good. The harder the battle is the better is the final result. I have seen it over and over again.

Tour continues

Yesterday, Tuesday we did our first visit at the Detox Center in Okeechobee, FL where we spoke for a group of eight people. All there for a reason and I can relate to them and they could relate to me. It is always a wonderful feeling to share the hope with these people coming off drugs and alcohol. We had the grace to pray together with a few who wanted to follow Jesus and that is already worth everything.

Last night we were at a benefit event for our brother and friend Jesse Leonard who lost his leg due to an infection. He has been hospitalised for months and will soon be needing a new leg. We presented the one and only Trump guitar I used in the Making America Great Again video and the guitar is going out for auction. All funds goes towards Jesses needs.

From there we are off to Daytona Beach for Biketoberfest where we are going to share the love of Jesus with a bunch of bikers. After that we have a full week in Lake County before we start our journey to Galveston, Texas for this years Lone Star Rally. We are going to be busy and it is going to be hard but the harder it is the better the final result is and we want to see Jesus move in peoples lives.

God Bless You All!

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