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The importance of forgiveness

21 October 2019

Dear Friends,

This weekend we spent here in Daytona Beach, Florida on the Biketoberfest 2019. We had planned to set up and play from our hearse but it did not work out as scheduled this time.

We had a wonderful time, even if we got hit by heavy rain Saturday. It cleared up towards the afternoon and we could get out there again and tell people about Jesus.

We spent some time with our brothers from Heaven’s Saints motorcycle ministry at the legendary Boothill Saloon on Main Street. It was great to meet brother Larry again after not seeing him for many years. To see how they do was encouraging. They got to pray for more people by just being there than the angry fire & brimstone preacher on the street. We have to use wisdom when we are at events like this as we do not want to offend people or spread hate. It has the opposite effect and it puts all christians in a negative light. Better be there and answer peoples questions.

Today we did the last sessions for the Florida Sunshine video that is now ready. Sebastian did a great job and we both hope you like it.

The importance of forgiveness

Last night I received some very negative news and I have been thinking and praying all night and day. We never know what is going to happen next. We never know when we are going to leave or someone we know is leaving this place. It can happen within a second and a life is over. What if you loose someone who you needed to ask for forgiveness or you needed to forgive. If you don’t deal with it now it might be too late within a blink of an eye.

I know it taste like crap to humble yourself and ask for forgiveness but we have have to do so. Especially if we are believers. I am going to start dealing with things in my life as I do not want to leave this place without having asked someone I know I needed to ask for forgiveness or let someone know that I forgive. It is so important that we live in forgiveness. Jesus forgave us while we all were sinners so we should take His example and do as He did.

There is always a process of restoration and healing in relationships but it all has to start with forgiveness. It is not just about yourself. If you think you can not forgive someone you are wrong as it has nothing to do with your feelings. As a christian you have to want to forgive and that is the foundation of your heart. Then God will help you with the rest both ways.

A busy week

This coming week we are going to Lake County. Tomorrow night, Monday 21st we are at Celebrate Recovery in Eustis. Tuesday we are having a day off. Wednesday we are at Teen Challenge in Sanford, Thursday at One Fire in Eustis and Friday at Celebrate Recovery in Umatilla. After that we are scheduled to start our trip to Texas. Here we need you prayers as that will be a step in faith.

What we do we do for our Lord Jesus Christ. He has done so much for us. He died for us so we want to live for Him.

God Bless You All!


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