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Heikki took me to church when I was very weak in 2007
Heikki took me to church when I was very weak in 2007

God's gift

29 October 2019
Dear friends,

Last week I wrote about some very negative news. Shortly after that we received the news that our brother and friend, our local music shop owner Heikki Joensuu passed away and went to me with the Lord. He left a wonderful wife, three children and grandchildren here. So many friends and family. He was very special to me and there is a reason for that.

In February 2007 when I laid on my deathbed at the hospital I had lived a bad life. I owed the local music store money for something I don’t even remember what it was. We were not on speaking terms but Heikki who owned the music store still came to see me at the hospital. He did not only come once or twice, he came often. One Sunday he had a group of christians with him and they had prayed over a t-shirt in church before they came. I was so weak that I could not get the shirt on. The shirt had a simple text saying ”GOD’S GIFT”. They laid it on my chest and shared testimonies and prayed for me. Heikki and the others could witness my very yellow eyeballs become whiter while they were praying.

Heikki was man with a low voice. A unique man and I think now that his voice was so low as he had a huge heart. He never put himself first. It was not only one time he called and cried for people who were in bad situations. He was not the typical church person, Heikki was the church. I think I earlier made a statement saying that there is a difference between church people and God’s people. Church people go to church and God’s people are the church. Heikki was definitely the church and he loved all people. Heikki was God’s gift.

I have to say that I broke down when I worked on a memorial video for him. I sat at Tom Ratliffs toilet and cried so Sebastian could not see me. Afterwards we spoke about it. The good thing is that I know that we will meet again in heaven as Heikki believed in Jesus and did what Jesus put on his heart. Please pray for his wonderful family who just lost their loved one.

A busy week

We had a busy week. Monday we had a Celebrate Recovery meeting in Eustis. Tuesday we had our administrative day with planning and scheduling. Wednesday we visited the students at Teen Challenge in Sanford. Thursday we were at One Fire Church in Eustis and Friday at Celebrate Recovery at First Baptist Church of Umatilla.

We stayed with the Ratliff family again and these are wonderful people who opened up their home for us.

From there we drove to a new location we never visited before. I have been in contact with the Duncan family on Facebook for some time. I met Bruce Duncan in Gainesville earlier this year and they offered for us to stay at their river house at a place called Sopchoppy, Florida. We stayed there three nights and got some rest. Wonderful place and we got to spend some time together one night. Wonderful people, true Americans and you who know me know that I love America and true Americans.

On the road again

Now we are on the road again and today we drove from Sopchoppy, Florida to Moss Point, Mississippi. Tomorrow we continue our drive to Galveston, Texas and we are going to be there this week for the Lonestar Rally 2019. Looking forward to meet some good old brothers and sisters and serve the Lord together at this massive bike event.

We hope you all are doing good. We have had to address some issues back at home by speaking the truth. This only because we care about people. We are looking forward to the rest of this trip and we have just started. It ain’t over yet….

God Bless You All!


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