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A fruit of the ministry of Joe and Julie Guebara. Barbarians Motorcycle ministry
A fruit of the ministry of Joe and Julie Guebara. Barbarians Motorcycle ministry

Thoughts about motorcycle ministry

4 November 2019
Dear Friends,

We are back in Mississippi after a happening weekend in Galveston, Texas. We got there last week, late Wednesday evening and we drove through hard rain and storms. We did not expect to go down to Galveston and freeze but it was cold for the two first days. Saturday it started to warm up a little bit again.

There were also other kind of storms. We entered right into a spiritual storm where people calling themselves christians acted like they never really met Christ. Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss and it was the spirit of Judas I felt when a person walked up to me and gave me a hug. That was just confirmation to not only me but also to others. Since 2012 I have known this person and I can say that I have loved the person. Still told him he has to work on his attitude many times but there is no change at all. This is what happens when we live in a lie and are scared that the truth shall be exposed.

Pastor Hollywood Joe Guebara

We had a great time with many old friends. We were performing right at the strand where all the Bikers come through to drive on the legendary main strip during this rally. Many of these people we hung out with were former members of the Ambassadors For Jesus Christ Motorcycle Ministry but since the founder Pastor Hollywood Joe Guebara passed away the ministry took a turn in the wrong direction and people with discernment started to leave. A few new ministries have been founded out of the good old Ambassadors and this is the legacy of Pastor Hollywood Joe Guebara and the fruit of his and his wife Julie Guebaras work as they were the original founders.

Memories from the good ol' days

We wanted to visit Pastor Guebaras grave while we were in the area but we were told that the body and everything is removed from the veterans cemetery just so the old friends could not get to it. At least that is what I hear and I am not surprised after knowing who is in charge today. To be a biker is one thing but to be a christian who desperately wants to be a biker is another thing. I am glad I am out of that world but happy to help out where we can like this weekend at the rally. My advise to christians who wants to ride a motorcycle; you do not have to try to act tough and rough. If God did not call you to it just join a motorcyklists club and get out riding. My thought is that at least 70% of the people in motorcycle ministry are in just to have a patch on their back. My thoughts are of course personal but also based on experience. There are many genuine servants called to this kind of ministry and their work is at stake by all who are not called for this.

Our platform at the legendary Strand

Probably hundreds of thousands of people passed our location and we had good talks with people. Also where ever we parked or where ever we stopped we had good talks with people as people seems to like the hearse and it is the key to open up discussions with people about eternal life and that eternal life and salvation is only possible through Jesus Christ.

We had a wonderful weekend and yesterday we drove here to Gulfport, Mississippi where we have rested today. We are here one more night and we are heading back to Florida. This weekend we are going to be on a new event and this is exciting. Come and meet us at Emerald Coast Cruize in Panama City Beach, Thursday to Saturday. We’ll be there for you!

Also remember that the new ROCK FORCE ONE album is out! If you did not order your copy order it now. We have received good feedback on this album especially and the songs have been fun to play live.

Keep us in your prayers as we continue the journey here in the USA for one more month.

God Bless You All!

Pontus J. Back

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