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What a week!

24 November 2019
Dear friends,

Another week is over and it has been a hectic week. As I wrote last time we had already visited the Detox clinic in Okeechobee on Monday and Tuesday we were with the homeless in the park of Fort Pierce.

Wednesday I spent most of the day in bed as I was not still feeling that good. We decided to drive down to West Palm Beach one day earlier so we did not have to do too many things in one day. We arrived here Thursday night, checked in at our motel and relaxed.

Outside the Rehab in West Palm Beach

Friday we visited a group at Rehab of South Florida and it was a good time. It felt like the room was filled with hope from Jesus and these people really needed hope in their situations. Same evening we had a concert at the American Finnish Club in Lake Worth. Those who know me also know that I can not only do ”concerts”. That is my past. I have to talk and when I talk I have to talk about Jesus. I think it was a fantastic night and more people got to hear a true story about what Jesus really can do.

American - Finnish Club

Saturday was another well deserved day off. Again we took off to look at some wonderful birds. For some reason we are into birds now and they are really fascinating me. Look at all the birds in different sizes and different colors, all individuals and unique. Then try to explain to me that they came through a big bang. I can see a creator in everything created and our creator is a master artist. Look at how He also created all of us different. The last days I have had this on my mind and on Friday night I said something like; - If you want to see the beauty of God, go and look in the mirror and this is true. We are created in His image.

Another one of God's beautys

This morning we had two wonderful services at St Andrews Lutheran Church in Lake Worth. The first one in Finnish and the second one in English. I was prepared to give the same messages and same songs in both services but it did not happen so. It has been a privilege to work with Pastor Mia and since I am a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland I am also now a proud member of St Andrews Lutheran Church in Lake Worth, Florida. God has something in store for the future. Might not be next year but time will tell.

Sebastian, Pastor Mia and myself

Our last meeting was scheduled to be in the Finnish Pentecostal Church in Lake Worth and it all started wonderful with hymns and prayers. Then it was time to eat and during the fellowship time I got to hear that I am horrible and ugly from a pentecostal lady. This is something that have happened too often within the Finnish Pentecostal movement so I just decided to take my guitar and leave. May God Bless them and forgive them as they do not know what they are doing. The sad thing is that there are people in the church that I truly love and care for.

Choir in St Andrews Lutheran Church

Our next and last big event here is the Daytona Turkey Rod Run in Daytona Beach. We are going to be up there from Wednesday to Sunday and it is a huge mission field, a major event.

Thank you all who we have met this week and all who have prayed for us and helped us out in different ways!

God Bless You All!

Pontus J. Back

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