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It is CHRIST-mas time!

18 December 2019
Dear Friends,

We have now been home since Sebastians 25th birthday, December 5th. We had a long journey behind and it is always harder to come back this way with the jet lag. It has been such a wonderful time of relaxing and being together with my family. The day after we came home we picked up our new family member, Alvin. We have had a cat as long as I can remember and my wife wanted to have a black and white cat so it was her Christmas gift.


I have also been working on recording another album. This is only going to be a digital release to start with and believe it or not, it is a secular album that have got many believers to freak out. It is an album with some of the best southern rock songs in Rockabilly versions so basically this becomes "Rockabilly Redneck Volume 2”. I have had fun spending time in the studio and there is a reason behind this and it is up to me who and what I want to be. I have been a musician for most of my life but the question is if I want to be labeled as a Christian artist or an artist who is a Christian?

Songs from The South - Rockabilly Redneck Vol. 2

If I label myself and my music as a Christian artist many doors will close. Behind these doors are lots of people who need to hear the word of God and about the hope we all have in Jesus Christ. I am very much looking forward to do secular songs and car- and bike events as well as other places but you can be sure it will be a good mix with material from my Christian set and I have picked the songs from my past so I can tell stories from the road and it all leads to telling people about Jesus. This is very exciting.

Ivanka, Melania and Donald

While working on the album we have also built a bigger bird cage for our cockatiels. Donald and Melania also got a new friend, Ivanka when we got home. Basically we have a little zoo here at home but we are a happy and blessed family. Personally I see God in all that is alive and it gives me a very special and emotional feeling about our creator. What an artist and what a loving Father who sent His Son to die for you and me. This is the reason for the season. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour was born, came down here as a man and paid the ultimate price for our Salvation. Let us remember the reason for the season.

Next year is already under planning and in the video you can listen to what is to come and what is needed. We are very excited and 2020 we are doing three trips to the USA.

We want to wish you all a wonderful and blessed Christmas
and a Happy New Year 2020!

Pontus J. Back, with the entire family

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