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Alvin in the studio
Alvin in the studio

2020 is here

5 January 2020
Dear Friends,

First of all I want to wish you all a Happy and Blessed New Year 2020. This is an important year in many ways. Our end it is a very important year for our ministry. New doors are opening, new challenges are around the corner and the battle gets tougher.

We had a wonderful time at Christmas here at home. Quality time with the family. Christmas eve I found it very hard to breathe so I had to go to the hospital where they checked me out. I mean they did a full check up. I had bronchitis and due to smoking cigarettes for over 30 years I have a mild form of COPD I had trouble breathing. I am telling you, quit when you can and if you did not start smoking do not start. I thought I never could live a life without cigarettes and there were christians who told me that it was impossible that I was saved or had the Holy Spirit as I was a smoker. That just wanted me to smoke more and I just told them to repent and read their Bibles a little bit better. In 2014 the day came when Jesus just took it away so keep praying if you are a smoker.

My heart is good and everything else good so you won’t get rid of me that easy. I know most of the local pastors most likely would love to see my head on a silver plate but I can not stop exposing the truth and what is going on behind the scenes as it is everything else than christian behaviour. There are good pastors as well but there are some that have been against me since the first day I started my ministry. Pastors who stood close by me while I was dying and sick. All of a sudden they became jealous. That is a disease at least as bad as cancer but I do pray for them that Jesus would restore them to the men of God they once were. None of us are perfect but there are some guidelines in the word of God for church leaders.

"The Secular"

The year started in a very negative way. Almost everything that could go wrong and everything that you thought could not go wrong went wrong. I was sleepless for a few nights but God was with me. January 3rd I celebrated 13 years clean and sober. It was like the enemy was trying to get me to do some stupid decisions that would have made many church leaders rejoice and shout amen but Jesus was with me and I got to celebrate thirteen years with Jesus, sober, clean and crazy. Thank you Jesus!

All the negative thoughts that came through people to start with and arrangements not being taken care of as agreed it has now turned to some kind of hyper excitement. I have been working hard in the studio and a new release is around the corner. A new album with covers and one new song. The title track and the album is simply called ”The Secular”.

It was like when I first got saved when I realised that I need to give up the christian artist thing. For twelve years I have had a stamp in my forehead saying ”CHRISTIAN ARTIST”. That is now past and this year we are going back to doing secular music as well. I think it is way wiser to be an artist who believes in Jesus than a ”christian artist”. There will be way more opportunities and we are going to reach a wider crowd.

One month from now we are back in the USA and I want YOU to watch the video as I want you to see the hyper excitement that came over us. I want YOU to be excited together with us. We keep fighting the good fight and this year is going to be totally different.

God Bless You All!

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