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I know who I am in Christ!

19 January 2020
Dear Friends,

We are living in very exciting times. The enemy is walking around roaring like a lion with a panic attack. The good news are that we are cleansed by the blood of Jesus and that the enemy has absolutely no power over us. He IS defeated! He already lost the battle! He is a looser! He lost 2000 years ago when Jesus died on the cross! Too many times we give too much credit to the devil. Instead we should start to look at who we are in Christ. I have been in contact with a millionaire in Sweden lately. We did some car business a while back and he did not do what he agreed to do, so he owes me money. He is running a car museum outside Stockholm, Sweden and I first thought he was a friend. Well, his life is all about him and when it comes to money he is one of the most greedy persons I ever met. I told him that I easily could expose him and he thought he was smart reminding me of my past when he wrote; ”All know what you have been…”. Yes, I was a sinner on my way to hell. I was a slave under alcohol and drugs. I was not a good person at all. It was really when this man who officially claims to be the ”king of f_ing everything” served me those words when I felt God tell me who I am in Christ. I AM a new creation! The old is gone and something new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17

We had a heated exchange of e-mails and I won’t even quote his last letter to me. It had only two words starting with F and Y. It really meant lots to me to experience this from a rich man. God reminded me of the scripture that says that it is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. (Mark 10:25) There are several examples in the Bible when Jesus is talking to rich people and basically He is telling them to sell all they have and give it all to the poor. We can not serve two masters, God and mammon. I am poor in this world, we are barely surviving but I rather have my personal relationship with Jesus than being rich in this world. If people knew how rich we are as Christians they would immediately give away everything. We have a reward waiting for us in heaven and that is where we are going to spend our eternity. I told this multi millionaire that I will keep praying for him…


As I wrote last time I am rubbing off the stamp as a Christian musician to become a simple musician who is a Christian. My first secular cover album were sent to the CD plant end of last week. The single ”Start Living Life Again" is released digitally on-line February 7th. The other song on the single is the title track of the album ”The Secular”. It has been such fun to work on this project and make own versions of some of my all time favourite songs. Now I have been playing through the setlist a couple of times a day. I want to be prepared for our upcoming USA tour.

USA 2020

There is lots of things going on in the USA this year. We are almost two weeks from our departure and we are going to be away for 56 days. The weekends are booked at different events and the weeks are being filled up with visits at recovery centers, rehabilitation clinics, youth facilities, detox clinics, prisons and jails. We want to take the Gospel to the people who really needs to hear about being a new creation in Christ. If Jesus could do this in my life He can do it in those peoples lives that we meet where we go.


People have asked me what we need money for and the answer is simple. We are away from home for 56 days. If we cook ourselves and spend 10€ / person on food and groceries per day that will make a total of 1120€. We have at least as much in the cheapest motels during the events we are doing outreach at. On top of that we have at least another 1200€ on gasoline as we are going to drive back and forth from south Florida up to north Florida and we usually drive 3000-4000 miles on a trip like this. We are also going to print new ministry material and hand outs and we have a 1000€ extra in the budget for unexpected costs. Last time it went to buy new tires and change a bearing on the car.

We are really struggling with our fundraiser. So far we have raised 529€ of a 5500€ budget for the entire trip.

Car show in Panama City Beach, Florida 2019

Actually everything is pretty cheap. I refuse to ask the places we go to for any kind of payment. That would close the doors and Jesus did not ask me to pay Him anything when He came to my rescue 13 years ago. What is one soul worth? We can not make that comparison. There is no price for a soul. A soul is priceless. During our trips we have seen people get saved. Sometimes by the hundreds and sometimes we can count them on both hands. It all depends on The Lord. We are planting seeds and without a seed there is nothing to water. Without nothing to water there is nothing that grows. Without something growing there is no harvest, so everything we do is called teamwork within the body of Christ.

Keep us in your prayers and remember who YOU are in Christ! You are more than a conqueror! You are more than a winner1 YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD! If you want to help us out check the details below!

God Bless You All!


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