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COVID-19 (latest news at the bottom)

18 March 2020
Dear friends,

As you all know there is a pandemic around the world now that is something we are going to read about in the history books in the future. Finland is in a state of emergency for the first time since the war and our borders are closed. Most of the flights out of the USA are cancelled and I wish Europe had made travel bans as quick as USA made it, first to passengers from China and then from Europe.

Renegers Flea Market, Mount Dora FL

Because of this all events over here has been cancelled and last week it all started with the Gatornationals in Gainesville being cancelled. Things were different last week so we rented a spot at Central Floridas largest flea market in Mount Dora and shared the Gospel there. It was not bad and I am glad we did it.

Now we are in Phenix, Alabama and tonight we are scheuled to have a concert at Ranger Burger in Cussetta, Georgia. On Sunday we are at Northside Worship Center in Columbus, Georgia. All other events in between and for the rest of the trip has been cancelled due to the virus.

Brother Todd have worked hard to get us here to Georgia/Alabama

When we are done up here on Sunday we are driving back down to Florida. We and others have tried to help us contact our travel agent as well as the airline without success. Last news we heard yesterday is that we have to be prepared to stay for a longer time, even up to 2-3 months. This is going to be hard. Already being homesick and even if I love it hear the thought of not being able to travel home for a while makes me sad.

Daytona Bike Week was slow and also closed down

As for now we do not know anything but we will be posting updates on Facebook and on our YouTube channel every day from now. We are not going to make it financially so we kindly ask to consider helping us out in this difficult moment and please pray for us.

We can not take anything for granted

At a time like this we see and meet people who are in panic mode. The whole thing with not being able to get toilet paper and other necessaries is just a sign that we, the people have taken too much for granted. I have learned that we never should take anything for granted and that we have no clue about what is going to happen tomorrow. Yesterday is history and that you cannot change. We have no guarantee of a tomorrow and today is a gift so remember to live like it is the last day and be prepared. Let people know you love them and be a blessing to others. All we can do now is to put our trust in the Lord and at a point like this it is time for us to come together. I already see it in the people here in the USA how the divided people are becoming a more united people.

God Bless You All!


Update March 19th

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