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Got to visit my old friend Dave's grave before we left
Got to visit my old friend Dave's grave before we left

We made it back home

31 March 2020
Dear Friends,

We want you all to know that we made it home safe. It was not easy as at all since the Finnish Honorary Consul of Lake Worth did all he could to badmouth us and blame us for being in the USA without money for a return ticket. Well, we had a return ticket but all flights were cancelled. I am not going to go into much more detail about the actions of the Honorary Consul here. I might do it at a later point. But he should have contacted me personally instead of asking personal questions from third party people.

We spent almost two months in the USA and we had a wonderful time of ministering to people in need. We saw Jesus give hope to people in situations where only a miracle could help. During the time we were able to minister we had a fantastic trip.

Then the Covid-19 virus broke out and everything started to get cancelled. Basically we tried to come up with ideas how we still could be effective. One weekend we ministered at the flea market in Mount Dora before that was shut down. We drove up to Georgia and Alabama for a week and everything there got canceled due to the close downs. The last opportunity o f ministering was a outdoor Celebrate Recovery meeting in Eustis, Florida. We had a good time and I believe it was meant to be that way.

The last days was a battle back and forth with the ministry of foreign affairs and the Honorary Consul. At times it felt like it all was our fault that everything happened. Sad but true we did not get any kind of help from the consul even if he claims he got us home. Well it was totally different forces who helped us out, got us on Finnairs commercial evacuation flight from Miami to Helsinki. We rented a car i Helsinki and drove home.

Our plan has been to return to USA, May 29th and we have our tickets but it does not look good. We also have events booked in Sweden for this summer but since Sweden seems to take this epidemic very lightly I am afraid that Sweden is going to suffer with the virus in a major way.

Reading the news over here makes me sad. It is all about bashing America and that America has the most deaths. I think America was the first country who put a travel ban from China to start with. America also put a travel ban from Europe and President Trump were called different names because of that. Now all other countries are doing the same. Still it seems to be Americas or President Trumps fault. I think he has done a tremendous job during this pandemic outbreak.

Personally I hope that people who take everything for granted and think that there always will be a tomorrow will realise that things can change and things can change fast. I still don’t understand how toilet paper could help the spread of the virus as some people thought. The world needs God now and it is when people turn to God and put their faith in Him we will see a change. I believe God wants our attention as the time is short.

For now we have nothing scheduled as we do not know what is going to happen. Me and Sebastian are in quarantine now for two weeks and I will work on writing new music and taking it easy. When we know more about the summer we will keep you posted.

Let us all come together in prayers and pray against this pandemic. God has done bigger miracles and it is time to put our faith in Him.

As you probably understand our budget suffered big time because of all this and we are doing are best to raise funds to cover up for our loss. We are still just under $4000 short.

God Bless You All!
Pontus J. Back

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