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Mission in Finnish Lappland

9 June 2020
Dear Friends,

The last weeks have been hard, very hard. Not only has the Covid-19 messed up our summer schedule, but we have also been victims of a campaign of hatred with one person doing everything to destroy our ministry and calling. We have to remember that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. Right now this world is in a battle between good and evil, light and darkness. We do our best to represent Jesus who is the light of this world.

The original plan was that we would have been on the Hot Rod Power Tour in USA right now but the Covid-19 and the travel bans has made it impossible to do anything as scheduled. Now we understand better why it was time to get ourselves a camper, also here in Finland. New doors are opening and next month we are heading north on our first Lapoland tour ever. We have been working hard on the trailer to get it in shape and we are making progress.

Our tour in Lappland is still under work but we have some key dates already secured. We are still booking dates and filling up dates before and after. Our plan is to continue in north Sweden before we come back home for a while. We are planning another trip in Sweden in August.

The mission

After 12 years in full time ministry we have realised that preaching to the already saved is more or less meaningless. That is not our mission or our calling. Our mission is to reach the lost and with the camper we will have freedom to set up anywhere where will play and share the good news. We will have a table with Bibles and literature for people to take. This model of ministry will also allow us to spend time with the individual person and listen, talk and pray. It is all about encouraging people to have faith in Jesus and throw all their burdens upon Him. The world today is upside down and people have questions. People are in fear and people want to know what happens after life here on earth. As our hearse states there IS life after death and that eternal life is only possible through Jesus Christ. To give people this knowledge is our mission and music is a good tool to get peoples attention. We are also going to have our amazon parrot Nixon with us on the road. People like animals as well. Our package including the hearse with the lettering ”there is life after death”, our camper painted in the same colors as Air Force One with the lettering ”in God we trust”, our parrot and most important of all, the message and music, will be an event even for the atheist.

The needs

Right now we are really in a huge financial battle in many ways. We have not had any engagements since we came from the USA and that journey ended very negatively because of the Covid-19. To be able to leave, we need to do a few more investments as a powerful battery for the camper, an inverter big enough to handle the fridge and other equipment. We also need a chemical toilet for our most urgent needs. It is not going to be any luxury but it will be our own little church on wheels. Right now we are in an urgent need of around 2000€ for the upcoming missions trip to Lappland. Help if you can. If not remember us in your prayers!

God Bless You All!

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