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Mat & Nostalgi in Viksjö
Mat & Nostalgi in Viksjö

The tour is over

17 August 2020
Dear Friends,

We are now in the harbor of Holmsund in Sweden on our way home. Our ship leaves tomorrow at noon and we are planning on being home around 6 pm, August 17th. We left home July 27, so we have been on the road for three weeks. It has been a blessing. Vrångö, Gräfsnäs, Lidköping, Linköping and Odensbacken. I have written about those places before.

Impact Center, Örebro

Impact Center, a church in Örebro was a very positive surprise for me. I met a pastor who as just a normal human being. He is one of those pastors who does not sit inside the church waiting for the people to come to the church. He goes out and picks up those who are having a hard time in life, brings them to church and starts to help them. We had a wonderful evening there and I am excited about this new connection. We need a church like this in my stomping grounds around Vasa in Finland.

Impact Center, Örebro

From Örebro we drove to Ryggesbo, a place in the middle of nowhere outside Edsbyn. I had met brother Ulf Fahlström on Facebook a while back and the first thing that connected us were our parrots. From there we realised we are brothers in Christ and we both also have an interest in classic cars. We had a wonderful time. A totally different set up and during the day I took a swim in the river. We had around 50 people, all sitting spread out right there in the forrest outside Ulf and his wife Marias summer place. It was one of those evenings you never forget.

Brother Ulf with one of his parrots

From Örebro wie drove to Mat & Nostalgi in Viksjö where we hooked up with brother Stefan. We have been there for a few years now and this time it was time to do three days of outreach outside his store. We had some great talks with people and wonderful fellowship in the evenings. They even had cake on Friday when it was my 48th birthday.

Beautiful Ryggesbo

Having another birthday made me think about that I should not be here. I am so thankful to Jesus for what HE has done and that HE is sending us out to places like the ones we have visited during this trip. Today I felt tired so we decided to stop a little bit earlier. Sometimes you get tired and you have to listen to your body too. It has been hectic as before this we did 3000 kilometers and 12 different locations in Finnish Lappland. It sure has been a great summer and it is not over yet.

Me with brother Stefan in Viksjö

When we get home I most likely have to be in quarantine for two weeks so I will continue and finish the new book. I want it to be a tool for the Kingdom of God, so it will not be complicated at all. It will be an easy read, a hand out to people who need to read that Jesus is able to do the impossible and what kind of life the christian life really is. It is not a competition between us christians, it is all about having Jesus in your heart, love others and share the good news with as many people you can. At least it is that way for me. Has nothing to do with feelings or emotions. We have to stand steady on the word of God.

I will also start working on the new acoustic cd ”Stormy Waters” that will be released when ever it is ready. First we are going home to our loved ones. Thank you all who have prayed for us and helped us out this trip. Together we made a difference in peoples lives again.

God Bless You All!

Pontus J. Back


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