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The best is yet to come

28 September 2020
Dear friends,

It has been a while since I wrote. I have had some time off at home with my family and done necessary work on our property before the winter. I have also spent lots of time preparing the release of the new cd ”Stormy Waters” and the new book.

September 11th we release the single ”Stormy Waters” with a wonderful version of Amazing Grace as the ”b-side”. I guess people raised in this time have no clue what a ”b-side” is. The record industry has totally changed over the last 10 years but it is what it is.

Same evening I was invited to share and sing at a conference in Kalajoki. It was a great evening with brothers and sisters.

This Saturday I had the grace to speak to a group of youth at a confirmation camp in Larsmo. It is something special with talking to the young generation. I shared my story and related to when I was in their age and I had the whole life before me, but took a wrong turn. At the end all 28 listeners raised their hands and promised me before God and each other to NEVER try or touch drugs. I pray and hope that when the day comes and drugs will appear in front of them, that The Holy Spirit will remind them of what they promised.

Confirmation camp

I have also been debating politics as I see it as my responsibility to stand against a youth party (Svensk Ungdom) who are talking to people from the age of 14 years young to 29 years old. They have a strong liberal agenda and when I heard they wanted to legalise cannabis I had to tell some facts about the drug. I received very good feedback from other political parties, even from their own party SFP. There is no room for legalising drugs today. It is just a fact that drugs does not solve ANY problems. They only create problems.

Now I am looking forward to the album release October 1st and the new book will first be released in Swedish and Finnish. The English and German versions are coming next year. Hopefully we will be able to travel next year again. We are already planning both USA and Germany in the winter and spring. Next summer we are going to go back up north as well as continue our work in Sweden.

It is a strange world we are living in but as we have faith in Jesus Christ we can assure ourselves and others that the best is yet to come.

God Bless You All!