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Brother Ulf with the new book
Brother Ulf with the new book

Another milestone

1 November 2020
Dear Friends,
First of all I want to thank ALL who have prayed for me during this time. You all made me feel covered in prayers and love. I am feeling much better even if I had to return to the hospital last Wednesday for a check up. The infection was not totally gone so I got more antibiotics and with your prayers and the medical help I will declare myself healed in Jesus name! I have seen it happen before, so I am convinced about it!

As you see on the picture, brother Ulf from Edsbyn in Sweden is holding my new book. This is a milestone for this year. I started writing in August while on the road and now the Swedish version has come from the printers and is available. Order you copy today from TALKING MUSIC!

The Finnish version is hopefully being sent to the printers within the next few days. That means we have that one out before Christmas as well. Now we are on our way on another trip to share the good news about Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Next week we are going to visit three different places in Sweden to release both the book and the new Stormy Waters album. Thursday, November 5th we are in Betel in Runemo. Friday November 6th at Smyrna in Edsbyn and Saturday November 7th at Mat & Nostalgi in Viksjö. We will remain in Viksjö in the retro shop to sign books and cd:s during Sunday.

During this trip we are also going to prepare for the winter. This winter we are not able to make it to the USA but God has given us a clear vision about what to do. This is exciting but it is going to be very cold. It is the total opposite to the Florida sunshine we have experienced the last 12 years during our cold months. More about that later but it will be something very special!

God Bless You All!