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A different time

27 April 2021
It has been sometime now since I had something to share on this webpage. It is some weeks now since we returned from our last missions trip up to Lappland, northern Finland. Being at home has given me perspectives on different things. For example I have followed what is going on over in the USA and some of the stuff bothers me. It has been healthy for me to have this distance to the USA for a while as God has opened my eyes so I could see that I am a blessed man living in a country like Finland. Still division is something that is happening here as well, mostly because of differences in personal opinions.

In the times we are living in right now there are too many factors that creates division amongst people. I am sad to say that amongst believers there is so much strife and division going on right now that I am wondering what some people are thinking about. While too many people are alone out there looking for answers believers spend all their time on protesting against this and that. Seems like this anti vaccine movement has been the new holy cow. Personally I can not believe that God told all these people on social media who are posting anti vaccine stuff and conspiracy theories to do that. My theory is that the enemy got in there and stole the focus on what is important so that the church would more or less do things the church is not called to do. Again, meanwhile there are more lonely people than ever before!

To you who are lonely or feeling alone!

First I want to ask for forgiveness on behalf of all these anti vaccine believers who have failed to serve you with hope and company in times like this. What I am going to tell you next is nothing else than the truth. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!

There is always someone by your side. Someone who always is with you. He is with you even when you are sleeping. He only wants good things for you. He wants to give you new strength and already before you think a thought, He knows your heart. He has created you to be a human being with feelings. He wants you to be free from all kind of negativity. He wants to change all judgemental thoughts from others and yourself to His love for you. He wants to give you new perspectives and peace. He does not want you to go through battles alone. You don’t have to fight for your freedom as He already paid the price.

There is so much that can make us feel bad. Life is built of many seasons and we are fragile at times. There is lots of stuff going around us that we can not control. Still we can count on that God who has promised to never leave us or forsake us and always be with you never will change. The world of God says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the only way to Father God that always will be with you. He has promised that when you draw closer to Him, He will get closer to you. You never have to be alone! God is there for you because GOD IS GOOD!

While being at home I have been writing new music and we are still working on finishing the ”Born Again to Rock and Roll Album” and hopefully we have it out before the summer or early this summer. I always wanted to do a blues album and now was the time for that. I have written at least 15 new songs and recorded the first versions. Hopefully the blues album ”On My Knees” will be released later this summer or in the fall. Feels good to do different kinds of music.

Now we are just waiting for the summer and we are going to be busy on the road for Jesus this summer. Our summer Gospel tour starts June 19th in Stockholm and from there we are heading to the Gothenborg archipelago to do outreach during the midsummer holidays. From there we are heading north through Sweden with stops on different places. We count on starting the Lappland summer dates in Tornio July 17th and will go on for a couple of weeks up there. All in one race and I am looking forward to get on the road with our hearse and camper. Of course our parrots Nixon and Reagan will join us on this trip.

God Bless You All!