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Last summer in Lapland
Last summer in Lapland


15 May 2021
We are getting closer and closer to this summers missions trip and our Gospel summer tour 2021! For the second summer in a row we are focusing mainly on outreach, outdoors outside the four walls of the church! It will also be the second summer we travel with a camper and I have to admit that I loved the experience and freedom in this way of touring last summer.

This summer we are doing both SWEDEN and FINLAND, all in one. We start in Märsta-Arlandastad, Sweden June 19th for a mens retreat. From there we are driving to the archipelago of Gothenburg and Vrångö island where we are set up outside the local store in the guest harbor from June 22nd to June 27th.

We are working on a few dates in Sweden before we move towards Edsbyn in Hälsningland for a week of outreach in the nearby communities as well as an evening at a camping. From there we are heading north. July 14th is confirmed at Mat & Nostalgi in Viksjö on their Wednesday evening cruise inn.

We are planning on being at the cruising in Haparanda July 16th before we cross the border back to Finland and the northern part of the country. The dates being confirmed up north so far are: Tornio July 17th, Kemi July 18th, Rovaniemi Arctic Circle July 19th and 20th, Rovaniemi main square July 21st and 22nd. We have an open date on July 23rd for visiting youth facilities. July 24th we are in Kemijärvi and July 25th in Salla.

We are planning on being in Pelkosenniemi on July 26th. As it looks now we have a well deserved day off on July 27th ad July 28th and 29th we are in Sodankylä. The plan is to be in Ivalo on July 30th and Inari July 31st. From there we are looking for August 1st in Enontekiö before we start our trip south with stops in Kolari, Äkäslompolo and Pello. Some places along the way back home might be added.

Looks like we have a plan! Now we are just praying for resources to be able to be out there and reach people with the good news! I am very excited about this summer as last summer was something totally new and it worked out very well! Keep us and this tour in your prayers!
God Bless You All!

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