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On a walk in the beautiful nature
On a walk in the beautiful nature

Thank you Hälsingland!

13 July 2021
Dear friends,

First of all I would like to thank all wonderful people in Hälsingland. We had such a wonderful time there. Thank you Ulf, Maria, David, Göran, Curt, Henrik & Jeanette, Henrik and all others. It was such a privilege serving Jesus together with you! We love you all!

Ulf & Marias place in Ryggesbo

Last time I wrote we just had been ministering in a place called Knåda, outside a sports shop and we also had some problems with our car but that was taken care of in the best possible way.

Our next ”event” was at Ulf & Marias summer house in Ryggesbo. A place in the middle of nowhere. A wonderful place with a wonderful nature. Ulf & Maria has 10 parrots so our parrots Nixon and Reagan made some new friends. Ulf and Maria had invited people to their place to come and listen to the testimony about what Jesus can do and that there is always hope in Him. We had a good gathering with people within the restrictions due to the pandemic. Another wonderful evening.

Ulf & Marias place in Ryggesbo

The following day we took off back to the city of Bollnäs. There we had a stage down town behind the culture center from where we ministered for a couple of hours. There could have been more people around but to me the numbers does not matter. I do not look at how many people I see. There are always people listening from a distance and we have heard testimonies about these people and how God has reached their hearts before. We count on that those God wanted to be there were there.

Outreach in Bollnäs

Afterwards we were invited to brother David Duveskog and his wife. They served some delicious food and we had a wonderful time of fellowship. David is one of those who made the days in Hälsingland possible.

Fellowship at Brother Davids home

The following two evenings I was playing music and sharing at Metal House Cafe in Edsbyn. A small restaurant run by Henrik & Jeanette Larsson. They do an awesome work and their passion is Christian metal and they minister at big festivals all over Europe as well as organise their own festivals with Christian metal bands. Two evenings at their place and I got to play songs I never performed live before. Thank you Henrik & Jeanette for this time. I know we’ll meet again!

Metal House Cafe, Edsbyn Sweden

Saturday afternoon we did a stop at the local Pentecostal church where a group of people organised a gathering for people in need. It was the first time they were able to gather in a year due to the pandemic. It was a wonderful time and people who really needed Jesus were present.

Pentecostal Church in Edsbyn

Sunday morning was our last ”event” in Hälsingland. Some of the churches had a service together at Vevlinge camping, a wonderful place on the other side of the city Bollnäs. It rained one hour before but stopped and we got pretty good weather for the service. Nobody got wet, except the young man who got baptised after the service and his grand father who baptised him. Nobody got too hot either so it was a wonderful morning and just to see the baptism brought me goose bumps. There is something special with the baptism and only blessings can follow after being baptised. After the service we drove up to Viksjö where we are now.

Vevlinge camping

Feels good with a couple of days off. Tomorrow Wednesday we are rocking for Jesus at Mat & Nostalgi here in Viksjö and on Friday we are outside the PMU second hand store in Haparanda. After that it is time to cross the border and get back over to Finland where we have 17 different outreach events in 18 days before we are heading back home. Keep us in your prayers. We still have lots of miles to drive and many people to reach!

God Bless You All!


14.07.2021 Mat & Nostalgi Cruise Inn
Viksjö, Sweden

16.07.2021 PMU Second hand 13:00
Haparanda, Sweden


17.07.2021 Kauppakeskus/Tori 13:00
Tornio, Finland

18.07.2021 Meripuisto 15:00
Kemi, Finland

19.07.2021 Santa's Pizza & Burger 13:00
Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle, Finland

20.07.2021 Santa's Pizza & Burger 13:00
Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle, Finland

21.07.2021 Lordin aukio 17:00
Rovaniemi, Finland

22.07.2021 Lordin aukio 17:00
Rovaniemi, Finland

23.07.2021 Lordin aukio 17:00
Rovaniemi, Finland

24.07.2021 Mocka Tupa 13:00
Kemijärvi, Finland

25.07.2021 Tori 15:00
Salla, Finland

26.07.2021 Andy Mc Coy statue 15:00
Pelkosenniemi, Finland

28.07.2021 Helluntaiseurakunta
Sodankylä, Finland

29.07.2021 tba
Ivalo, Finland

30.07.2021 Wood & Jewel 12:00
Kolari, Finland

30.07.2021 Joppari 17:00
Pello, Finland

31.07.2021 Joppari 11:00
Pello, Finland

31.07.2021 Oravanpesä 18:00
Romakkajärvi, Finland

01.08.2021 Pyrevä puisto 18:00
Pello, Finland


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