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We are getting there!

15 December 2021
Dear friends,

Its been a month since I wrote and lots of things has been on my mind. The times we are living in right now are very different. The pandemic has had its effect worldwide and personally I take the pandemic seriously as I have lost 11 friends of Covid-19. Still I believe that nobody leaves this place before those days that were counted before we came here are used. When I look back at my life there are so many times when I could have died, but still I am here and that is just because of God’s amazing grace. I just feel that all these times when it was close, I stil had days in the bank.

This is where we started in October

On thing that has been bothering me and also taken up too much time in my mind are all discussions on social media about this or that. If it is not the vaccine it is the reality of the pandemic and if it is not the pandemic it is the climate change. I hope we all have come that far now that we can exclude the 5G chips being in the vaccine and everyone should feel safe taking the vaccine based upon their own decision. Then it is the vaccine passports and mandates so there are lots of arguing going on right now and the only thing it does is that it creates division. i have seen too many long time relationships being destroyed because of different views or opinions and I do not believe this is what God wants. I just can’t see the unity in the Holy Spirit right now in the Body of Christ and that makes me sad.

Some progress

In a time like this people need answers. Their questions need to be answered. People have fear or they are worried. These people need peace. People are sick and these people need healing. Many have gone back to drugs and alcohol as they just found that the easy way to deal with stuff going on right now. These people need deliverance. Then we have those people who have left us. I know that the ones I have lost lately have been followers of Jesus, so that makes it easier to handle it all. Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven and to eternal life in heaven. I was just hit with the fact that as followers of Jesus we are part of something bigger than arguing on social media. We are part of God’s Army that is spread out worldwide! Our mission is to all be part of plundering hell and populate heaven. At least this is something I will put my focus on and leave toxic debates behind me. There are absolutely no fruit in debating and arguing. That is just showing the deeds of our flesh. We need to allow God to let the fruits of the Spirit function in us. This is something I am going to preach about when we are leaving on our next missions trip to Lappland and the Arctic Circle early January.

Some of the decals are there

We have been working hard with the bus and I am pretty amazed that we already have done so much that we soon can re-register it so that we can drive it. You see int the first picture where we started, taking out all the seats and you can see a little step by step. All this is done in 45 days! Thanks to my son Sebastian who is a loyal servant. We still have a few adjustments to do and Gospel Express will be heading up to Lappland early January. We hope the heating system we are installing is working as it is going to be cold up there.

We are getting there

We start in Haparanda (Sweden), January 7th, January 8th we are doing outreach with the local Pentecostal church and this will be the first time we do it with the bus. We are looking to reach out to the youth as well as do some programs for their TV channel, that covers lots of viewers not only in Lappland but all over the country. From there we are driving to Rovaniemi where I will be preaching on January 9th. January 12th we are in the local Pentecostal church in Kemijärvi. We are going to use Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle as our base for that week as the weekend January 14th - 16th it is time to do outreach at the 57th Arctic Rally. We were there last year and this will be our second year there serving as Team RFC - Racers for Christ.

In the front we can bring in people for prayers

This will be our first trip since last summer and I am looking forward to get out on the road again. I can’t wait to meet the people out there and I have so much to share. We also have books and cd:s printed up that we are going to give as gifts to people we need. We are also moving into our second season of snowmobile ministry so a lot of things are happening. As you understand this year has been hard with less events. Our finances has taken a hit but because of wonderful people who believe in what we do it has been possible to get the bus and build it to a wonderful tool to use when we are out there telling people about Jesus. Please keep us in your prayers!

With this I would like to wish you all a wonderful
and blessed CHRISTMAS!


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