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Time to go up north again!

18 March 2022
Dear friends,

Last time I wrote we had to return home from northern Finland early as we tested positive with Covid-19. We recovered fast and we did only have mild symptoms so we are very thankful for all prayers. Glory to God!

1972 Winha 54

Since we came home we have been working on getting the vintage snowmobiles in condition for the coming trips. We have had many obstacles on the way but also good days with progress in the work.

With the vintage snowmobiles at home

Last Friday I was invited to an evening from the church in Sundom outside town. I have to say that I felt exactly like what Paul is writing about in 1 Corinthians 9 where he says that he preaches the Gospel so that also he would gain from it. I am still amazed over how much I get out of it myself when I share the good news and that is the moments when all troubles seems far away. It was a wonderful Friday evening.

The evening in Sundom

There have also been wonderful days that I have spent out on the ice in the archipelago on my snowmobile. The spring is around the corner and you can feel it in the air. The sun has been out and it has been such wonderful times. Don’t worry, I have been leaving the snowmobile behind twice and walked as well but everything has turned out so I have made it home before the sun went down.

Beautiful sunset on the ice outise town

The good thing with vintage snowmobiles is that they are easy to work on so even a guitar player can do it with help from his son. As for now it looks like I will race with the 1972 Winha 54 in Rovaniemi April 2nd and in Levi April 30th. It is well decorated so who ever sees the snowmobile surely knows who we believe in and who we are there to represent; JESUS CHRIST!

Another sunny day on the ice

Today is Friday, March 18th and we are leaving home on Tuesday March 22nd. Our first service is on Wednesday 23rd in the Pentecostal church of Kuusamo. From there we continue to Kemijärvi where we are planning to do outreach on Thursday, March 24th, March 25th to 27th we are together with the people from the vintage snowmobile club of Finland at Sallatunturi. This will be our first time with them and Saturday night I will perform and share at the local pub. Can there be a better place to be?

1974 Winha and 1984 Maxi Ski

There is one week between the two major events. April 2nd is the race hosted by Wintage Veikot in Rovaniemi and we just confirmed that I will be able to perform there during the day as well as at the afterparty in the evening. Another door opened! During the events we are going to do outreach in the Rovaniemi area.

Work in progress

After that we return home but due to the high diesel prices we are leaving the bus in Lappland. We are doing our last trip for this winter end of April to be at the last vintage race for the season on April 30th in Levi. From there we continue to Kilpisjärvi that is almos as north as you can go in the arm of Finland on the border to Sweden. We will be there doing outreach on a huge ice fishing competition.

Work in progress

All this is very exciting but there are many things that just need to work out. We are thankful for all who have partnered with us so far. If you want to sow into the work we are doing up north you can visit www.teamrfc.org/europe

Getting closer and closer

We are living in a very dark time. The war is just around the corner from us. Our country borders to Russia and what is taking place in Ukraine is just heartbreaking. I was thinking about what I can do for the people suffering in Ukraine and I asked one of my mentors what he thought I could do. He just told me to continue what I am doing. There are others who will go to Ukraine. The Gospel is needed everywhere and Jesus, Himself is speaking about these times. His bottom line is that these things has to pass and that we should NOT fear! With Jesus in our hearts we are already in the winning team. We keep praying for Ukraine and for peace on this earth!

God Bless You All!


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