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Back at the Arctic Circle
Back at the Arctic Circle

School visits up north!

3 April 2023

Dear friends,

This winter has been totally different than previous winters. We have spent lots of time at home. It has been really good but I always long to get on the road. We did not book anything this winter as I was told that I was going to be in bad condition after my back surgery in November. Well, it went over everyones expectations and it did not take many days before I could leave the pain killers and start walking again. I have walked around 400 kilometers (248,5 miles) since the surgery and walking makes me feel good.

Me with brother Taneli in Oulu

I have been working on music a lot and the Swedish dialect single ”In Saab nittisexo” made it on the charts and got on the sixth place on Vegatoppen here in Finland. We hope it will climb higher and stay on there for at least another week. The full album is being released April 14th and this is something spectacular, even if it has a limited audience that is the Swedish speaking people in Finland.

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Right now we are on our way home from Lappland. We left last week on Wednesday and Thursday morning we had a school visit in Oulu. It was one of those moments when I afterwards just sat and thanked God for the opportunity to tell these wonderful young people about the dangers with alcohol and drugs. The best thing of all is that my story includes Jesus and He is never left out.

School visit in Oulu

The weekend we spent in our bus with our parrots behind Santa’s Pizza and Burgers at the Arctic Circle just north of Rovaniemi. This is the home of Santa Claus and tourists from all over the world are coming here. We even got to meet Santa this time and he was very encouraging and told us to keep up the good work.

With our friend Jarkko at the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi

During our days at the Arctic Circle we have met people from different countries and also had a chance to take it easy and work on coming tours. Germany coming up later this month and in June it is time for our yearly summer tour in Sweden and Finland. Thank you Jarkko and Santa for letting us stay there again! We love you!

School visit in Pello

Yesterday we left the Arctic Circle and drove to Pello where we visited the local school today. Sometimes these school events are hard as I have to hold back on the Gospel. Many teachers want me to leave God out of the message and my story but the reality is that without God there would be no story. I would not be here, I would be dead. I understand how they think but still it is impossible for me to leave God out and even if I had to hold back we had a good time at the school. Thankful for so many students raised their hands and promised to never do drugs and alcohol.

The new album in Swedish! Release April 14th

Tomorrow we continue the trip home. The Swedish dialect album is being released April 14th and April 25th we get back on the road again when we are heading to Germany for another tour. This trip was a little bit different but it was a blessing. Financially it was disaster but what is it worth to tell the youth about the most important things in live and warn them about drugs and alcohol? Keep us in your prayers, they are needed!

God Bless You All!

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