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Busy days in Germany

15 May 2023

Dear friends,

First of all thank you all who have been praying for us and supporting us. A special thank you to brother Thomas who have worked so hard with this tour. WE are a good team of people and since I wrote last time LOTS of things have happened and God HAS been faithful and good.


We had a blessed night at Holtzkiche in Chemnitz. A wonderful place full with possibilities. We did not have a big crowd but those who came really needed the message. It was a long service as I always manage to forget that it takes longer with a translator.

Die Ranch

The following day a new place came up so we visited Die Ranch in Grosskundorf. Literally a ranch with cows, pigs, dogs, chicken and so on. A place where people who have problems with addictions can come. A beautiful place and also here the message was well received.

Out walking

Had a couple of days of and I found myself a very beautiful walking route next to a river into the heart of Zwickau. I also found a wonderful park so I have been walking almost every day on this tour. This is the first tour ever I have had the energy to walk.

Out walking

During my walks I have met people but also had revelations from God. It has really done good to me to walk and the river and lake made the walk. I love being by the water but of course it is so different than at home just by the sea. I cant wait to get back home soon to continue walk. So far I have walked around 90 kilometers while we have been here in Germany.


Sunday, May 7th we ministered at the FCB church in Brunlos and it was such a wonderful day. Great church, wonderful people and without going into any personal details all I can say about that day is that if we came here just for that one day it was worth everything and much more. God started a party in heaven.


A new week and Monday. It was time for a Blue Cross meeting in Lössnits. Good atmosphere and people actually came there to search for help in their desperate attempts to quit drinking. I like what the Blue Cross does and I hope to continue working with them in the future.


Tuesday, another Blue Cross meeting open to the public and an almost packed church in Kirchberg. A wonderful night and so good to finally meet some of the leaders of the church. The presence of Jesus was there in the meeting and we just sat and received what ever He wanted to give each and every one that night. What made me so happy was a couple who I had met eight years ago. They had gotten married and for some reason they had used my song ”Thankful” for their wedding song. Well, the song belongs to God in the first place but it was very encouraging.


Wednesday evening we continued with another Blue Cross meeting in Aue. We met some people but for some reason the people here were of the older generation. It just shows that if you once have had problems with addictions you need a team to hook up with. The best is to find brothers and sisters in Christ as they will be with you forever.


Thursday we visited a closed social therapy facility in Wiesen and all clients were there. We had a full room and this is not a ”christian place” but that is only a good thing I think. We do not bring the message to those who already believe. Our mission is to reach the lost and those who really are in need of help. It was a wonderful day.


Friday a youth ministry in Annarberg-Buchhotz had their 30th anniversary and they had invited me to share my story and play some music. This ministry also host many refugees of other religions and it felt good to really talk about Jesus and that HE is the only way to heaven and eternal life.


Saturday we had a day off and I did a long walk. The weather was perfect and Sebastian prepared the bus for leaving Zwickau. We left early Sunday morning and drove to Hof where we ministered at a church on their Sunday morning worship service. Jesus was there in the midst of us and it was a wonderful morning.


From there we drove here to Nurnberg where we are going to have a few days off due to that I have a blessing at a local dental surgeon. Something I have been waiting on a long time. I mean this is a huge blessing. I walked there from the camping place last night so I would find it and today I drove there with our electric scooter. Tomorrow morning I have the surgery.

Nurnberg on the scooter

I hope to heal up before next weekend. Friday we are going to meet our friends at Thomann in Treppendorf and on Saturday we have our last event this trip in Kulmbach. Then the trip back home starts and it will feel good to get back home. This has been such a great trip but very busy. I do not mind I like it busy as long as people are getting saved and receive hope in their lives. Thank you once again for keeping us in your prayers!

God Bless You All!

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