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Outreach in Åmål, Sweden
Outreach in Åmål, Sweden

Two first weeks in Sweden

10 July 2023

Dear friends,

We have now been on the road for two weeks and honestly it has been a challenge. Before we left I got hit with inflammation in my left thumb and a finger on my right hand. I have also had severe pain in my right shoulder. When we left I was not as excited as I use to be because of all the pain. We drove from Vasa to Nådendal, Finland where we took Finnlines ferries over to Kapellskär, Sweden.

Nådendal, Finland to Kapelskär, Sweden

Our first stop was a camping in Västerås as we came in pretty late. It felt good to go to bed in the bus and just have one day off to start with. I started to feel better and I even took a bath at the dog bath, very refreshing and I did meet some furry friends.

First camp Västerås, Sweden

From Västerås we drove to Säffle where brother Glenn Antonsson met up with us and showed us where to park the bus. The following day it was time to start the mission. I was still fragile and did not know how it was going to work out with playing guitar and two events the two first days. We started outside ICA Kvantum, a big grocery store and we were right by the entrance. What a place to do outreach at. When I got started I started to feel much better.

Outreach outside ICA Kvantum in Säffle, Sweden

The same evening we had a service at the local Pentecostal church. It was also a wonderful evening together with our brothers and sisters from Säffle.

First evening at the Pentecostal church in Säffle, Sweden

On Saturday we started at 11 am at a Second hand store and I have never seen so many people in a second hand store before. Right there in the middle of the store, by their café we set up and played some music and spoke about Jesus. Another fantastic opportunity to reach out to people outside the four walls of the church.

Outreach in the Second hand store in Säffle, Sweden

The same evening we returned to the Pentecostal church for another wonderful evening. Two evenings at the same place but still so different. God was present both evenings and people received hope in different situations. Sunday we continued in the same church for Sunday church, a good time with communion and welcoming of a new member.

Second evening at the Pentecostal church in Säffle, Sweden

From Säffle we drove here to Åmål where we have been for one week now. It was meant to be different but due to changes in plans this tour includes, in my opinion too many days off. As closer we came to the Blues- and Jesus festival here the harder it got. It was obvious that the enemy tried to stop us from getting together with the local churches here for outreach and a Jesus festival in the middle of one of the biggest blues festivals in Sweden. Anyway we started on Friday evening at the main square on the ”Jesus stage”.

From a local news paper about opening the festival in Åmål

I did three sets that night and every set just got better and better. I started to feel better and my fingers were completely healed but I still had and still have some pain in my shoulder. At least I think it is getting better because we stil have a few weeks left here in Sweden.

First evening at the "Jesus stage" in Åmål, Sweden

Saturday was the main day on the festival and the town was packed. We started with one set on a shopping street around 11 am and did a one hour set. People stopped up and listened and on all events we have had books and cd:s that we have been giving out for free. It was a good crowd and we had many good talks with people right there and then.

Outreach at the shopping street in Åmål, Sweden

The same afternoon it was time for another stage outside a pizza restaurant connected to a beer tent. It was not as fun as the earlier set as we got some rain and we also had some small issues with the sound. Still people listened and they got to hear that Jesus is able to do anything.

Outreach at the beer & pizza place in Åmål, Sweden

From there we returned to the main square where I did one more set from the ”Jesus stage”. It was a good set and I had a blast listening to Ingela Öhman trio who as playing before me. Actually it felt bad going on after them. I should have opened up for them.

Second evening at the "Jesus stage" in Åmål, Sweden

Today we had Sunday church at the festival ground on the main square and the weather was beautiful. It was such a wonderful time and honestly I did not feel much pain in my shoulder anymore. I feel that I have been carrie in prayers and these days I have been together with a bunch of wonderful brothers and sistes in Christ, all from the different churches in this little cozy town.

Sunday church and closing the festival in Åmål, Sweden

So far on this trip we have given away almost 500 cd:s and 500 books and we just need to print more. We have heard report of people receiving Jesus Christ into their lives. There have been prayer teams praying for people and working with the people here in Åmål has been kind of a ”role model” for working together as one body. All the gifts in use!

Pastor Lennart Fjell sining at the festival church in Åmål, Sweden

Now we are having some more days off and we are heading towards Lidköping to spend some time there. The coming weekend we are going to be at Glada Laxen in Gullspång on Friday and on Saturday we are at the Betania church in Rudskoga. Both new places for us. I feel more and more excited as I still feel that we have many praying for us. That is the best support we can get. Thank you all for praying! IF you feel led to help us financially you can use PayPal and the e-mail address: We still have many interesting places left on this journey and the tour continues until August 3rd when it is time to get back home for a while. To be continued….

God Bless You All!

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