Good news to the people

24 July 2023

Dear friends,

It has been a while and we have been driving around here in Sweden now for almost one month. Since last time we have had some time off due to some human misunderstandings but I have written pretty much for the updated version of my book (life story). Since we are going to publish the book both in German and English next year I want to feature things that have happened since the last version was released in 2020.


We did one outreach evening outside the pizza place, Glada Laxen in Gullspång, July 14th and it was a windy evening but we had a nice little crowd. We even continued after we were done since more people came in.


The following evening we had such a blessed service in Betania in a place called Rudskoga. A place basically in the middle of nowhere. An old church that was built in the 1930’s and now is being restored. Not only the building is being restored, the church is also in a happening stage right now with people who are really enthusiastic to get the good news to the people. I have a feeling that people from the nearby towns are going to drive there as God is going to do things there.


From there we continued north and stayed at one of our favorite camping places in Sweden, Liens camping in Riddarhyttan. I decided to do a longer off road walk in the forrest one of the days and we had such a relaxed and wonderful time there.

Forrest walking in Riddarhyttan

From there we drove to Runemo, where we parked outside Betel church for a couple of days before we drove to Dellenbaden outside Delsbo. There we stayed for a couple of days and on Saturday evening we had a full house at the river café. It was a powerful night, people got to hear about Jesus and we gave away lots of books and cd:s. The cd:s are out but we have more coming in.


We left Dellenbaden after the evening as I was preaching at Betel in Runemo on Sunday. This is a very special church with very special people. It feels like my home church in Sweden. We had a great Sunday church and fellowship.

Betel, Runemo

Runemo has also one of my favorites places to swim so I have been doing lots of swimming in the Swedish lakes. So beautiful.

Swimming in Runemo

Today we left Runemo and now we are in Viksjö at Mat & Nostalgi where I am going to play and share on Wednesday evening on their weekly Cruise Inn and on a car and bike show on Saturday. On Monday we end this tour in Bollnäs on a town festival called Grillnatta.

Mat & Nostalgi in Viksjö

It has been hard with the days off but still this trip has been worth everything. We have seen people make their decisions to follow Jesus and we do not see everything God is doing. We are praying for all the books and cd:s that has been given out as well as all the people we have met that the seeds will be watered and it all will result in more souls in heaven.

God Bless You All!

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