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A big day today!

21 August 2023

Dear friends,

It has been a while since I wrote and today is a very special day. I will return to this but first I want to share the rest of our Swedish tour. Last time I wrote we had just arrived to Mat & Nostalgi in Viksjö, Sweden where we spent a week. As always it was nice to meet brother Stefan and his family again.

Brother Stefan

In the summer time they have a cruise inn event with BBQ every Wednesday evening. That Wednesday I did the music and I of course I got to share my testimony as well as encourage people to have faith in Jesus.


It is something special with this place. We have been there now for some years every summer and every time God does something we never could have expected. That is just the way God is.


Between the two events we had in Viksjö, we had some wonderful days off. One day Stefan brought his African Grey parrot ”Polly” to meet our African Grey parrot ”Winston”. Their first meeting took place in our Gospel Express bus and it was wonderful to see two birds getting to know each other. They became good friends and I am sure they will meet again. For you who don’t know, we travel with three parrots and we are definitely not normal.

Polly and Winston

On Saturday we had another event in Viksjö and it was a Car & Bike show where I also played music, shared my life story and we gave away more books and cd:s. We had good luck with the weather and I have never been on an event in Viksjö when it has been raining. We might have had rain before and after but never during the event so God sure is blessing this place.


While we were in Viksjö we got some bad news from home and because a family situation we had to re-schedule our journey home. I did not want to cancel the ”Grillnatta” street festival in Bollnäs, July 31st so we did that and this evening the rain was pouring down. We still had a good time and we are already talking about returning next year.


When we were done in Bollnäs we drove up to Umeå through the night and got on the ferry home to Vasa, Finland the following morning. All I can say is that God heard our prayers and the situation is under control and things are much better than we first thought.

Boating towards Ritgrund

While being home I have decided to take some time off and do some boating. I have had some amazing times in our beautiful archipelago and I have spent lots of time in the boat. I just love it and it is a very special atmosphere right outside our home town Vasa. There is no other place like it.

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Anniversary weekend in Klobbskat

I also decided to work on new music and I wrote a song for my wife since today, August 21st we have been married for 30 years. Me and Sebastian also did a video of the song and kept it all secret until last Friday when I took my wife out with the bus and parked two meters from the sea. I went out on Thursday evening and Sebastian brought my wife on Friday evening. When she came I showed her the video, told her that I loved her and gave her thirty roses.

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Anniversary weekend in Klobbskat

We spent the weekend as our ”anniversary weekend” and without my wife I would not be where I am today. She has been by my side through all these years. She was with me when I faced death and she has taken care of our family when I was living my old ugly life style. She is definitely a woman of God and I pray and hope for thirty more years together.

Anniversary weekend in Klobbskat

Now we have nothing scheduled and I am going to take it easy for a while. I have signed a contract with a German publisher so next year my book will be out in German as well as in English. The 2024 version will also feature the last four years since the last book was written.

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Anniversary weekend in Klobbskat

It has been such a wonderful summer and I want to thank you all who have supported us, prayed for us and helped us in any way from the bottom of my heart!

God Bless You All!

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