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From one of the videos
From one of the videos

Reaching souls from home

16 September 2023

Dear friends,

As you all know we returned from last trip a few days early because of a reason within the family. The situation is now stabilized but I have felt that I have been needed here as a helping hand. I do not regret anything. I know I did the right thing and I am thankful I did it. As I worte last time me and my wife had a wonderful 30 years anniversary weekend out in the beautiful archipelago. Since then I have been working with new music as well as been exploring the beauty of our nature and sea with our boat. I am raised here and I am thankful that i finally feel that this is where I belong.

My studio work space

Being out on the waters gives me peace. Especially when the sea is like a mirror or I drive home and having this beautiful sunset behind me. It also gives me inspiration to work on my music and lyrics. Still I am longing for getting out on the road again but as for now we have nothing booked for the future. We do have plans, we are having discussions with different people and ministries about the coming times but I sure will return to that when we have things confirmed. All I can say now is that we are working on some dates in Germany for November this year.

Out with our 1976 Vator boat

While being at home I have wondered and prayed about how we can reach souls from home base. When we made the music video for the song ”Thirty”, dedicated to my wife we hired a studio with a green screen. I just felt that I wanted to do more videos of both old and new music so we got ourselves a green screen in our own studio. Me and Sebastian have been practicing and working on videos that we share on-line.

The green screen

From September we started a deeper co-operation with Evangelisationsfonden in Sweden. We are launching one new video every week together with them for the rest of this year. It actually takes time to do but I need to be able to do things I love to do. So far we have released three videos and all are released on both Facebook and YouTube. We are collecting them all on this site as well under the page SONG OF THE WEEK.

Yes, we have a new family member; Ines

When we started this I could not have imagined that we are now also having discussions with TV stations to provide them with these music videos. The trick with these are that right after the song has started I am telling about the song and the message behind it. This way we hope to encourage people in whatever situations they are in. God has done so much in my life and I have put tones to those things. Not for myself but for others. I like the concept of being a simple man with a simple message that if Jesus could do one thing in my life, He can also do it in other peoples lives.

Beautiful evening on the sea

On a personal note I have also struggled with some health issues but it is getting better. Now I am just waiting for the surgeon to come back to me with a time for the planned knee replacement. I have kept doing my walks but I can tell that my knee is not getting better and I do trust that God has provided the doctors and surgeons with the wisdom and knowledge they have. If you don’t mind you are more than welcome to pray for me. Also pray for the times to come that we are soon going to be out on the road again. I am especially excited about a tour in different prisons but we have just started the conversations about this and pray that those doors shall open.


Until next time I want to wish you all a wonderful fall season. It is getting beautiful here in Finland and we keep fighting the good fight! It is all about being a blessing and encouragement to others. God blessed us first so that we could be blessings to others!

God Bless You All!

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