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Things are starting to happen!

20 October 2023

Dear friends,

It has been a while but we have been busy doing new productions both for our weekly broadcasts on the internet as well as for Kanal 10 Norway. As it looks now they are starting to send our program ”En stund med Rockpastorn” (A moment with The Rocking Reverend) in December. As I understood we are doing one program a week with two re-runs. I share what God lays on my heart together with two songs. We are also going to use some of the old ”Life in Him” material from the past with testimonies from different people we have met during our travels.

From the music video of the song "Thank you Lord"

It has been very interesting working more with media but it takes time. Our music studio has turned out to a TV & Music studio and we are still in the beginning. We stil need to invest in better equipment to get better quality for the future but for now we use what we have as our financial situation is not the best since we have been here at home since we came home in August.

Out on open waters

The song of the week that we broadcast on Facebook and YouTube in co-operation with Evangelisationsfonden has started very good. I was a bit sceptic after we released the first song but all of a sudden it all took off and we are getting more and more viewers all the time. It is a simple concept with one song and a short message about the song. It is something we want to encourage people with and all songs has a story and something encouraging about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. So far we have released eight songs and we already have ten more in store.

A windy day

The short version of our program that we broadcast in Swedish every Tuesday is more like a weekly devotional and I am surprised to see some of the people who are liking it, commenting or writing a letter of response to us. It all goes as planned.

Beautiful Norrskär between Finland and Sweden

I have also had the chance to be out with the boat in our beautiful archipelago and I have done a few long trips. When I go out I always take the camera with me and I have done some filming out on these beautiful islands as well. Last week, in the middle of October I drove out to Norrskär right in the middle of the sew between Finland and Sweden, a very beautiful place. Next week it is time to take up the boat for winter storage and get prepared for the winter.

Germany November 2023

Now we also got confirmed that we are returning to Germany next month. We scheduled to do the trip in September but it was postponed until November and it has been a rough road with getting things together. Just yesterday we got it all confirmed and our tickets are booked, so there is no return. We have three events booked in Bavaria and we hope to get some more as our non flexible return ticket is booked to November 28th. I also need some time to be there with my dentist brother and continue to work on my implants. Last time I was there he took my last four teeth and did the surgery. Now we are working on the final teeth. This is such a big prayer answer and a blessing as for the last years I have only had four teeth in my mouth plus my old dentures that did not fit so well. I am so thankful to brother Henoc for doing this. I could never afford to have it done without this blessing. It actually started as a joke many years back, before the pandemic when i joked and asked if he would bless me with new teeth. It is amazing how God is speaking to people and they actually listen.

Germany November 2023

If you are in Germany and want to do something this last minute, we have open dates from mid November until the 28th when we leave. You can also help us out to do this trip. We are actually taking a huge step in faith but we trust that God again will speak to the right people, like He did with the dentist. TOGETHER we are reaching the lost in this crazy world.

God Bless You All!

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One of the new songs never released:

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