27 November 2023

Dear friends,

The last two weeks here in Germany has been very different in many ways. We continued our tour with a fantastic evening in a church in the city of Greitz. We had a good crowd and people had invited their friends to come and listen to that God is able. As we know God is able to do anything and nothing is impossible for Him. That is one of the basics in our message, that it does not matter what you have done, where you are or what you are going through. God is always able to help you.


The following evening we drove to Selb where we had a totally different evening at a rock club. It was not the first rock club we done in Germany but the first with backing tracks. It worked well and I should more call it a storytelling evening with music instead of using the word concert. I share stories from my life between the songs. Both funny memories from the past as well as those dark moments when I was a slave under alcohol and drugs.


The most important part of my message is that God is able as all who come and listen will also hear what happened that night at the hospital in 2007 when Jesus entered the room and showed not only me, but the entire hospital that God is able. The wonderful thing with being at clubs and bars are that people come and talk and they have questions. We answer all questions and the best moments are when we have the grace to lay hands on people and pray for them in Jesus name. We pray because we know that God is able!

We left Selb after we were done and drove to Naila, one hour away. I wanted to be there the night before as we had an early morning. So far the doors to the schools have been closed and it has been getting harder and harder to get into the schools but that day we had the privilege to speak to two high school classes in the high school of Naila. It would have been worth to just travel here to meet those young people for those two classes. The youth of today need to not only hear but they also need to know that God is able. It is not easy being young in this world of today.

School visit in Naila

Saturday evening we had another evening at a local pub and it was packed. It was such a fun night and I have learned that I need to do some good old rock and roll songs that the people know in the first set to get their attention. Everyone knows from the beginning that I am a believer but they might not expect to hear what they hear. I love when they sing along in songs as ”Rocking all over the world” and some other well known covers.

Met a brother I hadn't met in a long time in Naila

The second set is starting like the first set but it takes a different approach after the first song. It is here I start to tell how addicted I used to be to alcohol. How I abandoned my family and lived the life I lived. It is towards the end I tell about how I got very sick of alcohol and after a visit to a local church Jesus set me free. People are really listening. When I come to the part where I share the time on my death bed I can hear people cry. Not believers who cry because God is so good and God is able. Non believers who are in the same situation can identify themselves in my life story. It is for these people we are doing this. As they hear that God is able they also come and ask for prayers. Many take contact via messenger or e-mail and then it is our job to connect them with the local people. We have a wonderful worldwide team.

We had our last service in an old church in Marlesreuth, built in 1440. It was a wonderful moment and we established new connections. That was our last service on this trip and before returning to Nurnberg we made a stop at Musichaus Thomann in Treppendorf where they took good care of us as always.


When we came to Nurnberg we both felt very sick and we tested positive for Covid. I had to re-schedule a few meetings and the appointment with the dentist. I know people prayed as in two days we were back on our feet. As I keep saying God is able but we also need to ask Him. We need to pray!

Sebastian with Thomas and Marko. Very important people!

On Friday my dentist brother Henoch installed my implants and that is another miracle and many prayers answered. God is able and He is using people to answer our prayers. It has been a wonderful tour. It has not been easy but we have seen God move and I have the implants in my mouth. Double blessings!

With brother Henoch, his assistand and my new teeth!

Now we are on our way home and I am excited to get back home. So many things going on for the future. December 1st the Christmas single ”Reason for the season” is out and December 22nd my third cover album ”Reason for living” is out all all digital outlets. December 1st we also have premiere with our program on Kanal 10 in Norway and we will broadcast weekly every Friday at 10pm. More new music is on the way and from the new year we are going to do some changes in our ministry. More about all that later, let us first get home from this trip.

Thank you all for your prayers and support!
God Bless You All!

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We remember the reason for the season this year as well!

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