31 December 2023

Dear friends,

Today is the last day of the year 2023 and it has been a very different year. I guess all years are different but after the pandemic and everything that came with it things has changed. Some things we have had to build up from scratch again and that has been both good and challenging.

Sweden January 2023

We started the year with some dates in Sweden and some in the northern parts of Finland. Actually it was the first time we did some school visits up north and it was well received.

Sweden January 2023

Sweden was good as well and we have those places that we always visit. This time we also put some of my old guitars on display at Mat & Nostalgi in Viksjö. There is that something special with that place and I just felt it is the right place for the original ”Rockabilly Redneck” guitar as well as my first Harley Benton and some others.

Germany May 2023

The month of May we spent in Germany and we had such a great time. So many things happened and so many doors were opening. If I said it was all good and easy I would be lying. It was good but very challenging but we have a wonderful team in Germany now and in May on the last event we had we finally found a publisher for our book.

Germany May 2023

After spending one month at home we returned to Sweden for one month. All travels are done with our Gospel Express bus and of course we have our parrots with us. We had some great times in Sweden. Again, very good but challenging. I guess that is how it is supposed to be.

Germany May 2023

We had some good days in Säffle before the Åmål bluesfestival. It was the second year for us to be at the festival and we had a great time. We gave away lots of books and cd:s and we saw and heard about people deciding to follow Jesus.

Sweden July 2023

We had two events at Mat & Nostalgi, one at Dellenbaden and there is no summer without a visit at Betel in Runemo. We ended the summer tour with a street festival in Bollnäs.

Sweden July 2023

After returning home I continued to do my daily walks as well as being out with my boat. Walking and boating have given me so much this year. I have walked 1052 kilometers in total (653 miles). I have been out with the boat, visiting places I never visited before. To be out in the fresh air gives me motivation and power to keep working on new music and coming up with new ideas.

Sweden July 2023

In November we returned to Germany for some more events and also to finish what we started with the dentist who blessed me with a mouth full of brand new teeth implants. What a blessing! We also had many good events and we are looking forward to return to Germany before the summer of 2024.

Sweden July 2023

We also started working more with outreach on social media. We started ”the song of the week” from September together with Ev-Fonden and this is something we are going to continue. We also just started to stream on TikTok and the numbers on Spotify are going up. I feel that there will be a momentum coming up and that is going to help us take this ministry to another level.


New records have been released. Latest the ”Reason for Living” cover album. The ”Three Chords” album is being released shortly and we are already working on the next ”Rockabilly Hymns” album that will be something very special. We have some special guests on board and we have already recorded the drums. More about that later.

402232260_10230752367823489_4896348409448021018_n_880x660.jpg (116 KB)
School visit in Germany November 2023

As you understand we are now turning the page and a new year is wide open for people to hear the truth about Jesus Christ! We hope that you will stand with us in prayers and we look forward for you to partner with us as well. It takes some to do what we do and in a couple of days it is 18 years since Jesus set me free from alcohol and drugs. Since that day I have been free. That is the story we keep telling people. That Jesus is alive and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. If you want to give a start of the year donation you can use PayPal and the e-mail: donate@rockpastor.com

Many things are coming up. Most likely the year will start with a knee replacement and some events here nearby. We are returning to Germany with the new book in the luggage and we are already booking the summer in Finland and Sweden. We are very excited. See you out there, on Facebook, YouTube or TikTok.

We want to wish you all a blessed
NEW YEAR 2024!

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