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Surgery coming up

12 February 2024

Dear friends,

I just got back after a wonderful and beautiful snowmobile ride in our beautiful archipelago. A nice way to clear the mind on a Monday afternoon. The sun was going down and it was really beautiful out. I am going to do my riding the coming two weeks as my knee surgery is scheduled to February 23rd and I think my snowmobile season ends there. I had looked forward to the warm spring days on the ice but I am very thankful that I finally will get my knee replaced.

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Sunset on the ice

After the surgery I will take some time off to recover. I have no clue what it is going to be like but we are making plans for the future. I know that I at least can work on music while I am off the road so I will continue with that. The Three Chords album was released February second and in one year our streams on Spotify has grown with almost 700%. We are currently working on finishing the Rockabilly Hymns album and a single will be released in March and the full album in April.

Mannatupa, Muurame photo by Mikko Siljander

After what we experienced last weekend I decided to try to do a few cover songs in Finnish. I will cover a song by Jukka Salminen ans a few of Pekka Simojokis Gospel songs. I had a revelation last weekend when we were visiting the church of Muurame.

Mannatupa, Muurame photo by Mikko Siljander

Me and Sebastian left home on Friday and drove to Muurame. We got the keys to a cozy cabin where we spent the first evening and slept. Saturday we had time to relax before our first event on this trip. We were at Mannatupa in Muurame on Saturday evening together with our brothers and sisters from the local church.

Mannatupa, Muurame photo by Mikko Siljander

Mannatupa is a food bank that gives out food to people in need. A very good ministry. We had a wonderful and blessed evening and as always when I share my testimony I get excited. Sometimes, maybe too excited.

Mannatupa, Muurame photo by Mikko Siljander

It was worth everything being there encouraging those who came and it was wonderful hooking up with Pastor Mia Hagman again. She used to be the Pastor of the Lutheran Church in Lake Worth, Florida but she returned home to Finland. I am glad she is here with us as she has that something a church leader need to have. A passion for the lost. Not in masses but one soul at a time.

Mannatupa, Muurame photo by Mikko Siljander

Saturday we got up, had our coffee in the cozy cabin and drove to the local church. Next to the church they have built a brand new church center and that is where the AIR mass was held. I did not know what to expect. I mean a lutheran church over here is often pretty stiff and I was given only 30 minutes time.

AIR messu, Muurame photo by Mikko Siljander

It was one of the most wonderful services I have attended in a long time. God was there. Jesus was proclaimed and The Holy Spirit present from the beginning to the end.

AIR messu, Muurame photo by Mikko Siljander

I did 35 minutes as I usually add a little bit on the given time :) I shared my testimony and sang some of my songs. We happened to have two nurses in the crowd that we called up to ask what they thought about my condition in February 18 years ago. Both of them said that it was very serious and told the crowd that it is a miracle of Jesus that I am still alive. These things gives such much power to the testimony, to have medical professionals who can verify the miracle for the crowd. It makes be very thankful.

AIR messu, Muurame photo by Mikko Siljander

When I had done my part they continued the service and ended with communion. It was such a holy moment. My biological fathers wife Tuula also came to say hello this Sunday and it was a blessing. I had not seen her since my fathers funeral some years back.

AIR messu, Muurame photo by Mikko Siljander

We had a wonderful weekend and we returned home late last night. Tired but so thankful! As I said I will be out on the ice until my surgery but we are also currently booking the spring and summer. We are very excited that we are going to start our European tour in The Netherlands on April 19th. We are looking for a few more dates there before we continue to Germany. The book will be released soon and this is another prayer answered.

AIR messu, Muurame photo by Mikko Siljander

I think we will be done in Germany right after the Pentecost weekend and God willing we are doing one or two dates in Denmark and Sweden on our way back home. End of June we return to Sweden where we are going to do our summer tour that ends the last Monday of July. August and September we are working on the middle and eastern part of Finland before it is time to return to The Netherlands and Germany. I am also working on another musical project that requires a trip to the UK but more about that later. I am very excited and thank you all for praying that the knee replacement will be successful.

God Bless You All!

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