30 March 2024

Dear friends,

Now we are living in historic and very important times for mankind. This time of the year we remember what Jesus did for all of us. He was beaten to such horrible condition. He carried His cross to the place where He was crucified and for a moment He was in a very dark place. He died hanging on a cross only for one purpose; to make it possible for you and me to get saved and receive eternal life.Those who know me also know that I am not a fan of hitting people in the head with the Bible or forcing people to believe as I do. I have seen it so many times that we have to be wise and it is sad to meet so many people who have been treated badly by christians. I think these people have a very special place in God’s loving heart.

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Sebastian working on one of my guitars

As we can’t force anyone to believe we can only trust that The Holy Spirit guides us and leads us when we share the good news. To me it is very natural to share my testimony (life story) and mix it with music. I do not take part in conflicts or politics that creates division. I did that before and it did not carry any fruit. People know what is real and what is fake. I want to be real and that also means that I am open with my mistakes, my issues and my shortcomings. I remember one time when I got really frustrated and angry. A new believer who had hung around for a while got so happy that I as a christian could be so frustrated and angry. It was a relief for him to be able to be himself and realize that we have our emotions and we do burst out in our temper over and over again.

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Going over new songs before the coming missions trip

Faith is something that comes from within and it is always God who is starting a work in a persons soul. We are just tools and messengers in God’s hands. This is why we have to remember to not get involved in disputes and conflicts as Paul writes in the New Testament. We should not look at what divides us, no matter our opinions. We are all loved the same amount and there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ.

Right after the surgery

Since Jesus rose from the dead we are also born again when we start to believe and we decide to follow Jesus. It is up to each and everyone to decide for ourselves where we are going to spend eternity. There are only two options, heaven or hell. I know it sounds harsh and it sounds horrible but this is the reason why Jesus took every single beat and why He died on that cross. He did it all for you and for me so that when we believe in Him we would get saved from hell and receive eternal life. These are the good news! Basically it is very simple; all we have to do is to believe and when we believe we also change. As my old mentor Pastor Tommy taught, faith is something you have and believe is something you do. When you accept Jesus in your life you receive faith as a gift and nobody is able to take that away from you. When you have made your decision and received faith as a free gift you have to start using your faith by believing. Those are words to meditate on!

Antibiotics straight in the hand

Personally I have had some rough days. I went to the physiotherapist on Monday for my first check up after the knee replacement. Everything was better than it should be, praise God, but a small part of the cut from the surgery was infected so she sent me to the hospital. I am thankful that they take these things seriously as infections in a new spare part can be really bad news. On Tuesday evening they opened up the knee again and cleaned it and cut away all infected parts. I got antibiotics and could come home on Thursday so I spent three nights at the hospital and it was not fun at all. I am so thankful for all who prayed for me and sent me words of encouragement as I was actually worried. Yes, I was scared and anxious. What? Can a christian have fear? Yes, if that makes me a bad christian I gladly fall under that category of christians. As I said earlier we are human and we have our emotions. I am just honest and telling you how it is.

On my way home from the hospital

Now I am recovering at home and I am going over the setlist for the coming tour starting April 16th. I am very excited to get back on the road and we start in Holland and continue to Germany until our last event there on May 19th. Again I have experienced God’s grace and I have fresh miracles to share. As you know it takes funds to travel and we do not do this for the money. I am not going to tell you to donate anything but will provide the information below if you want to be part of what we do to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The best thing you can do is to pray for us and pray that people shall come to Christ.

Have a blessed Easter weekend!
Jesus is the reason for this season as well!

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