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We started at a chicken farm!

23 April 2024

Dear friends,

We have now been on the road for one week and we have had such a blessed time. We had some issues the month before we left. I had an infection in the knee I had a knee replacement in and for a while it looked dark but I felt that people prayed for me and we could leave as scheduled.

Driving on board in Helsinki, Finland

We left home early Tuesday morning, April 16th and drove to Helsinki where we boarded the ship to Travemunde Germany. Thirty hours later we arrived in Travemunde and we were glad to get off the ship as we had been there for a long time.

Gospel Express parked on the ship to Germany

We drove to Krelingen where we use to stay when we come in late or when we leave but the place has changed and the same day of our arrival they told us we could not stay there. I wonder why they did not mention anything earlier. We had made the reservation a while back and it was a very stressful moment but we stayed there anyway. Now we know that we are most likely not going to stay there anymore. We used to love the place and the people there and we miss the old staff.

Arriving in Travemunde

From Krelingen we drove north and crossed the border to The Netherlands. This was our first time ever in The Netherlands. We were both excited and it was rather interesting as our first stop where we were going to have our first event was at a chicken farm.

A road on our way to the chicken farm

We drove on small roads and even smaller streets but made it to the place. The following day I met brother Henk who is the chicken farmer and he showed me the barn where they have had events ever since they started during the lockdown. A wonderful place.

In the barn at the chicken farm in Bakkeveen

We had a wonderful evening and as I said it was the first event for us ever in The Netherlands and it was also the same the the Rockabilly Hymns album was released so it was a big day for us. Another evening together with wonderful people at a chicken farm in The Netherlands.

The following day we left The Netherlands and drove back to Germany. We filled up the tank in the bus on the way and we managed to drive around 1100 kilometers on 230 liters of diesel. That is very good for a big vehicle as our 13 ton and 13 meter long bus.

On our way back to Germany

We drove to the city Nordhorn where we parked at a campground where they had everything we needed. Our brother Ayron picked us up a while later and together we drove to the heart of the city where we had outreach on the street for some hours.

Gospel Express parked in Nordhorn, Germany

I like being out where the people are and a shopping street on a Saturday is always a great place to be. We had people stop by and listen and we mixed music with the wonderful message about Jesus Christ and that there are no other ways to God or to heaven than through Him.

Outreach in Nordhorn

The weather was changing. We had both sunshine and rain but the most important thing was that we had the Son shining in us. It was a wonderful day of outreach.

Outreach in Nordhorn

Later the same evening I got to speak to the youth at the church and that is something that is on my heart, to encourage the youth to be the unique persons they are and have faith in Christ.

Sunday I got up early and Sebastian stayed in the bus with our parrots. I went for Sunday service at the church and I have to say that this church is a church with a big heart. It was the second time here and I just felt like coming home when I got there.

Rock and Gospel evening in Nordhorn

The same evening we had a Rock and Gospel evening at the church and we had a good crowd on this Sunday night. I shared my testimony and mixed with some music. It was.a very special evening and we also had the fresh book in German with us this evening plus two new cd:s.

Rock and Gospel evening in Nordhorn

What meant much to me was that there were people who we had met on the street and invited to church. There where also a number of people that had never been to that church before and I like to hear that our Rock and Gospel events are drawing new people to the house of God.

Our last day in Nordhorn we were invited to the pastors home for lunch and we had a wonderful time of fellowship. Later the same evening we loaded our gear into a car and went to one of the local pubs, Domspatz. It was the only pub open on Monday so it was packed.
Gospel in the pub in Nordhorn

We had a fantastic evening at the pub. People listened to the music and sang along in some of the songs they new. Yes, I AM playing some worldly cover songs at these kind of places to warm up the people. It makes them listen and I become one with the audience.

Wonderful brothers in Nordhorn

I mixed the music from covers to own songs as well as songs from the new Rockabilly Hymns album. Between the songs I shared my testimony and spoke about Jesus. It was a wonderful evening and I was so happy when the bar owner told me that we are welcome back at any time.

Today we left Nordhorn and Germany and drove back to The Netherlands. We are now parked at a campground very close to the city Dokkum where we are going to do outreach on Friday. Friday evening we are going to have.another event at another farm in Aalsum. On Saturday we are going to be doing outreach in the city of Drachten and we will be at the God’s foundation church with our Rock and Gospel concept in the late afternoon and in the evening.

Back in The Netherlands

This is just the beginning of the tour and I feel that God has already done so much. The pastorn i Nordhorn spoke about the difference between Jesus in our lives and Jesus AS our life and I can relate to that as Jesus IS my life. I am like the fish in the water when we are doing things like we have done the last week. I am so looking forward to the coming events, outreach and school visits. The tour continues and our last event is May 19th in Oelsnitz, Germany. On the way back home we are doing a stop and will be playing at the Mönsterås Roots & Blues festival in Sweden, May 24th and 25th. We still have a long tour ahead. Keep us in your prayers! We need all prayers we can get!

God Bless You All!

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