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30 April 2024

Dear Friends.

We had a couple of days off at a beautiful farm next to a kanal, right outside the city of Dokkum. We stayed there for two nights. The weather was rainy and cold but that just makes our Gospel Express bus more cozy, but our days have been very happening.

Cozy bus at cozy farm

When we left the campground and I was going to do a left turn on to the small road we lost power steering on the bus. First I did not know what happened but Sebastian went out and had a look and all fluids were on the road.

Power steering loss

There were no other option than just trust God and drive to the next place without power steering. It was a pretty nervous drive but I still feel God had His hand over us as it could have happened at a way more difficult place.

Sebastian checking the problem

We came to the next place in Aalsum, Netherlands and it was another farm. We started our ministry in the Netherlands on a chicken farm and now we were on another farm with cows, sheep, goat and chicken.

At the farm in Aalsum

The following day a mechanic came to look at the bus and together with a brother from the team who organized our visit they could locate the problem and it was a hose that broke. They installed two new hoses and the bus was in working condition again.

Bus being fixed

In the afternoon we were taken to the beautiful little town Dokkum where we did two sets of street outreach with music and testimony. The weather was on our side and it was warming up.

Outreach in Dokkum, NL

The same evening we had our Rock and Gospel event at a farm and I am overwhelmed with how many people came out that evening. All were sitting on hay and it was a pretty exotic evening,

I shared my testimony, played some music and encouraged the people to have faith in Jesus. There are NO other ways to our Father and eternal life in heaven than through Jesus. We keep the Gospel simple so that all can understand, We rather share a simple Gospel as we want to reach those who do not yet believe.

Rock´n Gospel at the farm in Aalsum, NL

The following day we got up early and drove to a bigger city, Drachten where we parked the bus outside God’s Foundation church. It was Kings day, when the entire country celebrate the Kings birthday so the town was packed and we went out amongst the people together with the church and did some outreach.

Outreach in Drachten, NL

It was a good time on the street, lots of people but it started to rain but rain did not stop us from sharing the good news and invite people to come to church for an hour of testimony and music in the afternoon.

Outreach in Drachten, NL

We had the first set in the church café at 17:30 and we had a good crowd. I did mixed some new songs from the Rockabilly Hymns album with some older songs and shared my testimony.

The church in Drachten, NL

At 19:00 we did another set on the street and now there were more people out partying and the main street in town was closed and filled with people.

In the church in Drachten, NL

At 19:30 we did the second set inside the church and I could feel that I was a bit tired. It had been a long day but we did what we came to do and after we were done we packed the bus and drove to Nordhorn, Germany where we stayed one night.

The following day we left Nordhorn and drove to Bad Frankenhausen where we stayed at a campground for one night. The owner took very good care of us and we could also empty the black water tank the next morning before we hit the road again.

On the road in Germany

Yesterday we drove to Niedermulsen in former DDR where we parked at Der Genusshof, a wonderful old place that has a restaurant as some outdoor activities.

Parked in Niedermulsen, Germany

Tonight we start this second leg of our tour and we. are going to be in this are for some time. It has been a very good tour so far and we have broken new ground in The Netherlands. We hope to be back in the fall. Thank you all wonderful people we have met and all who are praying for us.

God Bless You All!

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