God set His standard on the cross!

7 May 2024

Dear friends,

Another week of ministry here in Germany is behind and last time I wrote we had just arrived at wonderful Der Genusshof in Niedermulsen. We were taken care of very well and we had all we needed for our days there.

Der Genusshof, Niedermülsen

On Tuesday evening we had a gathering in the restaurant and we had a nice crowd who were listening to the message and the music. I shared my life story mixed with music but did also talk about the importance of knowing Jesus. Very important!

The following day, May 1st 2024 we moved outside the restaurant and set up our gear in a barn facing the beautiful garden. I started playing and ministering around 2pm and did a total of five sets. It was a sunny and beautiful day.

Der Genusshof, Niedermülsen

People came and people went by. People actually listened to the message and I could feel that we were reaching peoples hearts. There is a longing for God in the hearts of people even if they do not know it themselves.

The following day we left Niedermulsen and drove to Hartenstein where we parked outside a brand new church. The congregation is around 100 years old but the building was finished in 2022 so it was very fresh.


Friday evening we had a service there and the church was packed. I was actually surprised that so many came out to listen on a Friday night. This evening I just felt that there were people there who were carrying burdens and that we needed to pray for them.


After about one hour we opened up to pray for people and I do not know how many people we had the grace to pray for. This evening was worth everything and more as one person decided to follow Jesus. It was a great encouragement for me as in this ministry we mostly sow and we do not see what God is doing.

We left Hartenstein the following day and drove to Rempesgrun, a nice little community. We set up the gear at the church and went back to the bus to prepare for the evening. I was a bit sceptic if we were going to have any people this night but again we had a packed church and such a blessed evening.

Rempesgrün with brother Nico

People have asked me if I get tired sharing the same story over and over again and my answer is always the same; I do not get tired as my testimony is a gift from God and every single time I talk about what Jesus has done in my life I get very thankful. If it just was any story I would most likely be very tired now after 17 years in full time ministry. Since this is what Jesus called me to do He is also doing His part. Without Him I would not be able to do this.

From Rempesgrun we drove to Schillbach, another beautiful place here i Vogtland, very close to the Czech border. Yesterday was a powerful day. We started early in the morning with a visit at the schook in Schoenk. We had the grace to talk to over 200 students who actually listened. Many riesponded and raised their hands and promised to never touch drugs.

School visit in Schöneck

To me it is like a huge victory every time we get to go into a school and share the good news and also talk about drugs and alcohol. Mental health is another problem amongst the youth today as this world is so hard and dark. It is hard to be young today. This world sets the standard so high that it becomes hard for our precious young people to live up to these standards, God put His standards on the cross and in Christ we are all created as originals and we are all unique. We are also all equal and we need to find our identity in Christ. This knowledge has helped many young people to move on in a new life with Jesus without wordly press and stress.

Schillback with brother Mario

Last night we had a Rock and Gospel evening here at The Rittergut in Schillbach and the place was packed. Yes, it was packed on a Monday night and we had such a blessed time. I still do not understand that so many people are coming out to these events. I know it is not about me. It is all about the greatest talent I have received from God, my testimony about what Jesus has done in my life combined with the music.

Today we drove to a campground near Kulmbach where we now are parked and this will be our base until Sunday. God is opening new doors and all what is going on right now is very exciting. I want to thank brother Marko Seifarth who have done such a fantastic work organizing this as well as to all who have been involved so far. Thank you all who came out to these events and thank God for what He is doing in peoples hearts.

Road from Schillbach

Now we have some days off and we are going to work on the logistics to go home end of May as well as prepare for the summer tour in Sweden starting mid June. It has been a really blessed time so far and I am just working with the phrase that God put His standards on a cross in my mind and my heart.

God Bless You All!

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