Trying out the new Harley Benton Travel Mate guitar
Trying out the new Harley Benton Travel Mate guitar

The Gospel in a way people can understand!

13 May 2024

Dear friends,

We have now installed ourselves in the wonderful camping park almost in the heart of Nürnberg. Last week was a happening week and as I wrote last time we started the week with a school visit and a packed event at Der Rittergut in Schillbach, here in Germany. We stayed at a wonderful camping park in Stadsteinach right outside Kulmbach and on Wednesday evening our brother Marko invited us to his home for some good BBQ and a really good evening with good fellowship.

Brother Marko the BBQ master

There has been time to just be as well as work with logistics for our trip home. We are leaving Germany, Monday May 20th and May 24th and 25th I am playing the Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival in Mönsterås, Sweden. A brilliant idea to do something in Sweden on our way home.

Books and cd:s available on the events

Last Friday we took the Rock’n Gospel to another pub and this was the second time we visited Pub Bärenwalde in Crinitzberg. The house was packed and we shared lots of music but also the most important of all the Gospel.

Saturday it was time for an over 600 year old church and I am always amazed over that these were all build by hand. Back then they did not have the technology and machines we have today. It was another beautiful evening in the presence of Jesus.

During tour time here this tour I have felt that God has something going on and I am excited to see what is going to happen in the future. Germany is a big country with lots of people who need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that they can understand it. We are also planning on returning to The Netherlands but before we start to plan next tour we are going to finish this one.

Me and brother Marko on the road for Jesus

A huge blessing this tour has been to have the book with us in Deutsch. We have had good sales but we have also given books away to people who would not by a christian book. The promotion of the book is under work and it will be promoted by the German Alpha bookstore chain from this fall.

Jamming with some brothers from Syria in Swarzach

Today we visited our friends at Musikhaus Thomann in Treppendorf and as always they took very good care of us. I am actually proud to play Harley Benton guitars and this tour I have only played telecaster model guitars, I do not know why but it just feels right. The amp used on this tour is a Harley Benton TUBE 15 that just sounds fantastic.

The sign to Treppendorf

Now we have some days off when we are going to both meet some people and work on finalizing the Swedish summer tour starting around June 17th. Right now I am feeling ready to get back home to my family and do some trips with my boat before we get back on the road.

Oelsnitz 17th and 19th May

We still have some time on the road, this tour and this coming Friday and Sunday we are going to be at Vogtlandperle in Oelsnitz. On Satuday we are scheduled to play at a party at the campground in Stadsteinach, all depending on the weather. Very exciting and we are very excited about our stops in Sweden as well.

Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival 2024

We stil have open dates for Sween in July so book now. If there is interest we are open to do another shorter tour of The Netherlands and Germany this fall but our main plan is to do a longer tour next spring. I just feel alive when I am on the road and it is such a blessing to share the Gospel in a way that people actually can understand. Thank you all who have prayed for us. All we have met on the tour so far and all who have worked hard for this. Together we have made a difference in peoples lives.

God Bless You All!

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