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A different time

2 February 2024

Dear Friends,

It has been a while. Here in Finland we have had a very interesting winter so far. The weather has been very cold, it has been so cold that we have struggled with frozen pipes and water leaks in our house. All has been taken care of by the grace of God and we are blessed. From very cold days it has gone to the snow melting and slippery rainy days. I personally prefer the cold days when we have been able to be out on the ice and drive the routes we drive with the boat in the summer time. We have a wonderful archipelago.

On the ice outside Vasa, Finland

We have kicked off the new year with two evenings at the church in Bennäs. Last Friday we attended a youth evening and as always it felt meaningful to talk to the youth of today. They are not having it as easy as we had it when we were young. This world has changed a lot since I was young and I can see the pressure todays youth are facing. My yoke is easy Jesus said and the youth today really need Jesus before anything this world can offer. That is our message to the youth.


On Saturday we returned to the same place for a music café night and we had a good crowd. I always get thankful when I get to share my testimony and talk about Jesus. Music is a good tool and I realize more and more why I have the past I have. It was all preparations for these times. Without touring and playing the music I played I would not have the skills and experience I have today. Definitely nothing to brag about musically but there are both good and bad memories that I love to share with people.


As many of you know I am waiting for a knee replacement. Last winter I was told it was going to take place last fall so thats why we did not book any longer trips and did our German dates with very short notice. Now I have been told this winter and I honestly don’t know when it is going to happen. My right knee is that bad at the moment so I have not been able to do my walks that I have loved to do. A few days ago I had to go and see a doctor as I have not been able to sleep and I did not want to take too many pain killers. I got help and new hope of that the knee replacement will take place soon.

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While I have been waiting I have been more or less living in the studio and worked with new music. The THREE CHORDS album is released today and I am very pleased with the work. A big thank you to Talking Music and the musicians Janne Hyöty, Joona Ekroos, Elna Romberg. Camilla Cederholm and Mikko Rintanen.

Working in the studio

The next project is already almost finished. In 2017 I released some music that I grew up with and that is Rockabilly. The first rockabilly album was called Rockabilly Redneck (2017) and I just wanted to do another one with some of the good old hymns. Now we are finishing up the work and the ROCKABILLY HYMNS album will be out in April. A single will be released earlier.

This has been such a wonderful project to work on. Janne Hyöty has been working on most of the arrangements. Joona Ekroos has been playing the drums as usual and one of our special guests is Mr. Johnny Hatton from Los Angeles. He is probably best know for his bass slapping in the Brian Setzer Orchestra but has also played with a long list of big names. What a privilege to have him on board and the bass sounds as we wanted it to sound; real rockabilly. We are still working on some backing vocals and waiting to get the final tracks together. Matte Lagerwall from The Boppers will also do a part on the album so this is really close to my heart. Brings back memories from my childhood.

Single to be released in March 2024

This coming week I hope to not get the appointment for the surgery as we have three events coming up. On Thursday afternoon I will do a set at the local Gospel Cafe in Vasa. Saturday and Sunday we are heading inside the country and we are going to work with the church of Muurame for two days. Looking forward to be back on the road.

As you understand we have been facing rough times since last summer. I did not want to book much due to the upcoming surgery and this has resulted in almost no income for two men, me and Sebastian. Of course we have been working with music and videos for the SONG OF THE WEEK but that does not give any income. Still it is worth it all as we are reaching more people than ever before on social media. My book in German will be released soon as well so I am just waiting for the surgery and to have it done so that I can start the rehabilitation and be ready to rock for Jesus throughout Europe this spring and summer. Speaking about coming tours! We are also in need of an upgrade in our sound system so we have holes with expenses to fill. If you feel led to partner with us contact us or simply send a donation through PayPal to

God Bless You All!

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