Surgery day
Surgery day

Thank you for your service!

29 February 2024

Dear friends,

I am back at home since Monday and today, February 29th (leap year) we get to celebrate my wife as it is her birthday. It feels good to be home and to be honest I just think God is in all of this as I am not in any pain anymore. Last Friday I went in for a total knee replacement surgery and it all went good.

X-rays of the new knee

I spent three nights at the hospital and I have to admit that the first three nights were very painful. I am happy that I did some of the work outs before the surgery as it was much easier to come back prepared. I was up walking with a walking table four hours after the surgery and the next day I was ready for the crutches.

Up walking four hours after the surgery

What I can’t understand is our health care system who wanted to kick me out of the hospital the day after. I was in heavy pain and I don’t even remember the first physiotherapist at all. On Sunday I was met by a very rude doctor who told me I am not at a hotel where it is nice to be. Being told that when you are in heavy pain makes you a bit down.

At the hospital

I prayed that God would take care of me fast so that the administrative staff at the hospital would get rid of me and me of them. The nurses, physiotherapist, the surgeon and my case manager did a fantastic work. I think we need to look at our health care workers and praise them as they praise the soldiers in America. I also want to include the pre operative section when I say, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

Back at home

These people are in a daily battle against a system that only wants to cut expenses. I know there are other places where these cuts could be made. We need our health care workers and we can’t afford anymore closedowns of units. Enough is enough and it is time for our politicians to take back what has been stolen from us before our eyes. We used to have a good system but for some political reason the system has been rebuilt to something that is not working as good as it used to be. The quality of the health care is super when you finally get through all the doors.

Already back in the studio

Now we are looking forward to our next release, The Rockabilly Hymns album. The Three Chords album has done great and our Spotify streams has gone up with 705% in the last 12 months. The Rockabilly album is very special, it has the best possible musicians and the project brings me back to my childhood when my favorite bands were The Boppers and Stray Cats. It feels so good to have Johnny Hatton mostly known from The Brian Setzer Orchestra playing bass on all the tracks. Janne Hyöty and Joona Ekroos are in the band permanently and I love them to death. I am also lucky to have Matte Lagerwall from The Boppers doing his thing on one of the originals ”Say a prayer for me”. We are still waiting on sister Elna Romberg to deliver some of her lovely voice.

The single ”Blessed Assurance & Say a pryer for me” is being released digitally March 22nd. The full album will be out April 19th. The same day we have our first event ever in The Netherlands and we have started our European Rock’n Gospel Tour 2024 that will take us through The Netherlands and Germany until late May. We are so looking forward to get out on the road again.

The summer is being booked at the moment and our Swedish dates starts June 20th in Blankaholm, Sweden. We end the tour July 29th in Bollnäs, Sweden as it looks for now. As dates are being confirmed they are added to the calendar. We also plan a tour of the middle and eastern part of Finland end of August and early September. It is so exciting to be alive and I am thankful that the surgery went this good. I just came back home from a walk in the fresh air. I will keep training the knee and I know that it will be good as God is in all of this. I thank Him and to the staff that took care of me I say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

God Bless You All!