Jesus in our daily lives

23 March 2024

Dear friends,

We are very excited about the coming times. Now we have released the single ”Blessed Assurance & Say a prayer for me” from the upcoming Rockabilly Hymns album that is being released April 19th. To me personally it is with a very thankful heart I am listening to the song ”Say a prayer for me” as everyone who knew me as a child also know how much the Swedish group, The Boppers meant to me. I am thankful that singer and guitarist Matte Lagerwall did some parts of this song for our old friendships sake. Also to have legendary bassist Johnny Hatton on the entire album is a wonderful thing.

Even if I am not listening to 1950´s music this music style have had a deep impact on my life, ever since I was a child. Therefore it felt like a blessing to do the Rockabilly Hymns album with two own songs and old hymns like ”Blessed Assurance”, ”Swing low sweet chariot”, ”I saw the light”, ”There is a river of life”, ”Oh the blood of Jesus”, ”When we all go to heaven”, ”What a friend we have in Jesus” as well as the most sung song in the world, ”How great thou art”. Now in a true Rockabilly style and Janne Hyöty did a fantastic work with the arrangements and producing the album.

I am stil recovering from the knee surgery but I am getting better and better every day. I am thankful to God for that I got to have the surgery done now so that I can start walking again and be in good health and condition when we start touring again. Before we get out on the road I am going to attend a voluntary work course at the local health care management. I want to be able to visit people in hospice and people who needs someone to talk to during the times I am at home. On Wednesday, March 27th I am speaking and singing in my home church, Vasa City Church. I am going to talk on the topic ”Jesus in our daily lives”. I think it is important that we realize that Jesus IS in our daily lives no matter what we are going through. Also we need to understand that He did all for us so that we could get saved. Therefore we should live for Him.

More and more I find myself far away from perfect and sometimes it can be hard. But the truth is that even when I fail and I do my mistakes Jesus is with me. He is a part of our daily lives 24/7 and when we learn that our actions can’t be compared with what He did for us we can easily grasp grace. Grace is also something that is part of our daily lives.

April 16th we leave for our first long tour this year. I feel like I have been doing nothing for a long time now so it feels extra good to leave this time. Even if I feel that I have not done much I have accomplished things in the studio and now I am going over a totally new set of songs for this year. I am looking forward to play the new songs but most of all I am looking forward to share the love of Jesus that He pours down on us every single day. I am thinking about what Romans 8:39 says and it says it all in a simple way. There is absolutely nothing that can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. Therefore we just need to live with the fact that this love is part of our daily lives and Jesus is the ultimate love gift to mankind.

Just in case someone would like to cheer us up and be part of what we are doing I post the details for how you can donate towards our expenses below. We trust God that we will have what we need when we leave. We still need to do service on the bus and also look over our sound system. We need to fill up the bus and every day we are on the road has a price. How much worth is then one saved soul? To be I can not put a price for one saved soul as there are no money that can cover that value. Keep us in your prayers as we prepare for our upcoming tour of The Netherlands and Germany. All dates as well as the confirmed dates for Sweden this summer are in the calendar!

God Blees You All!

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