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Fall is around the corner

26 August 2019
Dear Friends, This month has gone fast. August is soon over and that means that the fall is here. The days are getting darker and the weather starts to get colder soon. Some people like the fall season with...Read more


5 August 2019
Dear Friends, We are now on our way home from a different but fantastic week in Sweden. We left a week ago on Sunday and on our way to Sweden we received the news from home that our cockatiel, Twitter fl...Read more
Ozzy and his friend

I am a blessed man

24 July 2019
Dear Friends, It is a while since we came home from Sweden. This summer has been different than the previous summers the last ten years. Usually the summer is the busiest time of the year but I decided to ta...Read more
Big Power Meet 2019

Big Power Meet 2019

8 July 2019
Dear Friends, Now we have been in Sweden a week and it has been a blessed trip. Rock Force One have worked out well all these miles. We took the ferry from Vasa, Finland to Umeå, Sweden and stopped by at Ma...Read more
Rock Force One in Viksjö

It is time again!

3 July 2019
Dear Friends, We left home Sunday morning and our first stop was at Mat & Nostalgi in Viksjö, Sweden. We spent one night there in good company and it is a very cool place to visit. It is all like it was a long ti...Read more

Be stand by!

21 June 2019
Dear Friends, It is midsummer in Finland today and all over Scandinavia people are putting on a major party. One of the biggest celebrations of the year. Many people gather out by the waters at their ...Read more


9 June 2019
Dear Friends, We have now been home after our month long trip of Europe. We also have been a trip to Sweden and picked up our Rock Force One van that broke down there. We also got the Saab that broke down ...Read more
Helsinki on our way home

It sure was a challenge

17 May 2019
Dear Friends, We are now on our way home from one of the most challenging missions trips in our history of ministry. Lets forget himalayan bragging pastors witch hunts and face the facts. Last week w...Read more

Who said it was going to be easy?

13 May 2019
Dear Friends, It has been 10 days since we wrote and gave you an update on the going on’s. Well, we have been busy and our last services in Germany were fantastic. We had a great evening at the chu...Read more


3 May 2019
Dear Friends, We are writing again, only for the reason to keep you up to date with what is going on. Thank you all for all prayers and support so far. Without YOU we could never have made it. We believe this ...Read more

Urgent decisions to make

28 April 2019
Dear Friends, The first week of ministry is over and we are blessed over what the Lord has done. Thursday we visited a youth ministry in Schwartzenberg and it is always wonderful to minister there. Feels l...Read more
House of Gospel

Major breakdown

25 April 2019
Dear Friends, Things does not always go as you plan but God is still in charge. We are now in Zwickau in the formed DDR and we have been on the road for one week. We were excited when we left home with...Read more
Rock Force One

There is no such thing as "no progress"

2 April 2019
Dear Friends, We got home safe from USA 12 days ago. The spring was here for a day and then the snow returned. It has been wonderful to be home with our loved ones. We have spent most of the days and even...Read more
Fort Pierce, Florida 31.03.2019

It is coming to an end

1 April 2019
Dear Friends, Another week has started. This means that another week is over. Last week was over our expectations in many ways. Remember we told you that this trip started with an explosion the two first...Read more
We met American Icon "Panhead Billy"

We are busy and that is a good thing!

24 March 2019
Dear Friends, Lots of things have happened since we last reported. We have been busy and it is a good thing. We have also had a few days of time to just chill and gain strength. Last time we wrote we were on...Read more
Saturday Chapel Service

Racers for Christ

10 March 2019
Dear Friends, This journey is one of the best in our soon 11 year history in full time ministry. The first week we got to see something we like to call a mighty harvest and we needed that explosive start I w...Read more

It started like an explosion

6 March 2019
Dear Friends, We have now arrived to sunny Florida and we are so thankful, blessed and amazed right now. When we say that God is good we really mean it. We arrived late Tuesday night and checked into...Read more

After almost three months...

17 February 2019
Dear Friends, After almost three months away from ministry we are on our way out again! God has opened doors and continues to open doors. We are very excited! We are going to be where we want to be, together...Read more

My guitar and Jesus

11 February 2019
Dear Friends, It has been a while since you heard from us. The two months off has been good for us all but financially a disaster. In order to keep ourselves alive we also need to do something. The last two wee...Read more

Faith, Hope and Love USA 2019

22 January 2019
Dear Friends, End of February it is time to get out and share the love of Jesus Christ again. We are on our way on another missions trip to USA! Last time was a hard trip. Mostly because of how hard it is t...Read more
End reached