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Photo by: Markku Lilleberg

What a trip

20 July 2020
Dear Friends, What more can I say than. What a trip! I could never ever have imagined this taking place and I know that this was something the our Lord had planned ahead of time as this is something t...Read more

Lappland in my heart

17 July 2020
Dear Friends, Right now we are in Tornio, preparing for this afternoons outreach at the main square. After this we have two outreach events in Rovaniemi tomorrow, one at the market square and the other one a...Read more

This is just the beginning

12 July 2020
Dear Friends, I am so happy that I listened to God when He spoke to me about the camper, this trip and this mission. We have had something every day and thats how we like it. We started with two days on the mai...Read more
At the Arctic Circle

Finally back on the road

5 July 2020
Dear Friends, Now we are finally on the road again. We left Thursday evening from home and drove to Kalajoki where we slept in the camper for the first night. I slept really good and everything works out perf...Read more

Midsummer is here

19 June 2020
Dear friends, It is midsummer in Finland and people here are celebrating the thing called midsummer. Originally June 24th was the feast day of the early Christian, John the Baptist, so originally it was meant ...Read more

Mission in Finnish Lappland

9 June 2020
Dear Friends, The last weeks have been hard, very hard. Not only has the Covid-19 messed up our summer schedule, but we have also been victims of a campaign of hatred with one person doing everything to dest...Read more
Pastor Hollywood Joe Guebara

Remembering Hollywood Joe

26 May 2020
Dear Friends, We are still living in the middle of the pandemic. It feels unreal and this thing has a huge impact on the entire world. People have lost their lives and the economy is hurting really bad....Read more
March 2020

A legend has moved to heaven

9 May 2020
In 2008 when I returned to the USA for the first time as a new creation in Jesus Christ I met a man. For some reason this man sneaked up behind me and started to talk. He had a message for me from God and I wondered...Read more

Hope for the day

25 April 2020
Dear Friends, In a time like this when everything is closed and people are sitting at home many use their time to build up hate within them. This is nothing I recommend to do at all. We can have differe...Read more
Got to visit my old friend Dave's grave before we left

We made it back home

31 March 2020
Dear Friends, We want you all to know that we made it home safe. It was not easy as at all since the Finnish Honorary Consul of Lake Worth did all he could to badmouth us and blame us for being in the USA witho...Read more


22 March 2020
Dear Friends, We are back in Eustis, Florida after our first visit to Georgia and Alabama. It is sad as brother Todd Newkirk had worked hard to get us engaged in reaching people around the Columbus, GA area, b...Read more

COVID-19 (latest news at the bottom)

18 March 2020
Dear friends, As you all know there is a pandemic around the world now that is something we are going to read about in the history books in the future. Finland is in a state of emergency for the first time sin...Read more

Shining chrome & neon lights...

9 March 2020
Dear friends, Shining chrome, neon lights and big old cars… Those are a few lines from my song The Dream of America from 2018. Last week we drove up to Panama City Beach. For the first time ever we used...Read more

We all have a story to tell

3 March 2020
Dear Friends, Another week has started and last week was a busy week. Monday we started with a wonderful group of people at the Detox of South Florida in Okeechobee. I am still amazed over how people res...Read more
Freedom Ranch, Okeechobee

Another busy week out of Okeechobee

23 February 2020
Dear Friends, Another week here in the sunshine state, Florida is over. It has been a busy week but we are so blessed to be able to do this. We arrived here in Okeechobee, FL a week ago and Sunday 16th we ...Read more
With One Fire in the park


15 February 2020
Dear Friends, We are back in the USA and we landed safe in Orlando, February 4th. The first weekend we attended the Team RFC (Racers for Christ) retreat and conference in Eustis, Florida. It was held at t...Read more
With AMB The Blues Band


30 January 2020
Dear Friends, Last year we announced that we would take up the work with our Life in Him TV series. Originally this was a vision God gave me a long time ago and in 2012 we started the work. The concept was g...Read more

I know who I am in Christ!

19 January 2020
Dear Friends, We are living in very exciting times. The enemy is walking around roaring like a lion with a panic attack. The good news are that we are cleansed by the blood of Jesus and that the enemy h...Read more
Alvin in the studio

2020 is here

5 January 2020
Dear Friends, First of all I want to wish you all a Happy and Blessed New Year 2020. This is an important year in many ways. Our end it is a very important year for our ministry. New doors are opening...Read more

It is CHRIST-mas time!

18 December 2019
Dear Friends, We have now been home since Sebastians 25th birthday, December 5th. We had a long journey behind and it is always harder to come back this way with the jet lag. It has been such a wonderful time ...Read more
End reached