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Pharisees, Covid-19 and GOD IS GOOD!

25 February 2021
Dear Friends, We are now in Rovaniemi, Lappland. We have been here up north for over one week now and not everything has gone as scheduled. First day my snowmobile broke down and there were nothing else to ...Read more
Out on the ice!

Time for Lappland again!

6 February 2021
Dear Friends, We are in the middle of the winter season here and as you know this is the first winter in 12 years we remain in Finland. I thought I was going to be depressed and down as we can’t get to Flori...Read more

Arctic Rally in Arctic weather!

18 January 2021
Dear Friends, What more can we say than that we are truly blessed. At the moment we are are sitting in a house in Kemijärvi, northern Finland. We came here yesterday after having a wonderful gatherin...Read more
Pentecostal Church of Seinäjoki, December 2020


21 December 2020
Should we be thankful to God that this year is coming to an end? It sure has been a very different year for all of us, around the world. We all have been impacted by the Covid-19 virus and yet we do not...Read more
Playing guitar on the sled

Playing guitar in the snow?

6 December 2020
Dear Friends, We have now been away from home since Thursday. We arrived here in Pello, northern Finland (Lapland) around noon on Friday. We did not have much snow yet so we decided to take our snowmobiles to...Read more


27 November 2020
Dear Friends, Now we are getting prepared for our first trip up north. Today we also got some snow on the ground so we took the sleds out for a first test ride in the neighbourhood. We need more snow here ...Read more
Live in Runemo, Sweden


15 November 2020
Dear Friends, We have been so blessed since we took up the ministry again. The dates in Sweden were awesome and we just wanted to share some of the musical highlights with you in these four videos. These a...Read more

What a feeling to be on the road again!

9 November 2020
Dear Friends, After a long break and lots of stuff happening with the Covid-19 virus and my pneumonia we finally made our first missions trip in a while. It felt good to be out on the road again and we sur...Read more
Brother Ulf with the new book

Another milestone

1 November 2020
Dear Friends, First of all I want to thank ALL who have prayed for me during this time. You all made me feel covered in prayers and love. I am feeling much better even if I had to return to the hospital...Read more
My wife Hannele by my side

Is this the right patient?

15 October 2020
Dear Friends, The last weeks I have not been feeling that good. I have had a hard time breathing and just tried to wait for my turn in line to the asthma nurse for check up and tests. I had to visit the ER tw...Read more

The best is yet to come

28 September 2020
Dear friends, It has been a while since I wrote. I have had some time off at home with my family and done necessary work on our property before the winter. I have also spent lots of time preparing the release ...Read more

Nothing in this is logic!

1 September 2020
Dear Friends, I do not really know how to express myself. This summer has been something I can’t grasp with my mind. I get it in my heart and that makes me thankful to God. We are already doing plans for nex...Read more
Rock and Roll

Truckers, trucks and Jesus

23 August 2020
Dear Friends, Is there a place where you can’t talk about Jesus? Is there a place where you can’t tell people about Jesus? To me the answer is obvious: there are no such place where we can’t talk about Jes...Read more
Mat & Nostalgi in Viksjö

The tour is over

17 August 2020
Dear Friends, We are now in the harbor of Holmsund in Sweden on our way home. Our ship leaves tomorrow at noon and we are planning on being home around 6 pm, August 17th. We left home July 27, so we have been ...Read more

On the road in Sweden

9 August 2020
Dear Friends, Today I have something very special I want to share with you. I have a dream and a vision. It is ten years ago I released my last book, written by myself. The book has been distributed in a tot...Read more

Our days at Vrångö island

3 August 2020
Dear Friends, We are now about to leave Vrångö island after five wonderful days. Even if the two first day were stormy so we could not set up for outreach we have had a fantastic time. Thank you Johan, Em...Read more

From Lappland to the Swedish west coast

29 July 2020
Dear Friends, The contrasts this summer are huge. We had a wonderful week at home after we returned from Lappland (northern Finland). We left home early Monday morning and took the cruise ship to Stockh...Read more
Photo by: Markku Lilleberg

What a trip

20 July 2020
Dear Friends, What more can I say than. What a trip! I could never ever have imagined this taking place and I know that this was something the our Lord had planned ahead of time as this is something t...Read more

Lappland in my heart

17 July 2020
Dear Friends, Right now we are in Tornio, preparing for this afternoons outreach at the main square. After this we have two outreach events in Rovaniemi tomorrow, one at the market square and the other one a...Read more

This is just the beginning

12 July 2020
Dear Friends, I am so happy that I listened to God when He spoke to me about the camper, this trip and this mission. We have had something every day and thats how we like it. We started with two days on the mai...Read more
End reached


New single out now!
October 20th 2022