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Mat & Nostalgi in Viksjö

We are back on the road!

23 January 2023
Dear friends, We have just returned home after our first missions trip this year, 2023. We had a wonderful time in Sweden and we could not have started this year in any better way. We left home Sunday, Janua...Read more

Good bye 2022

31 December 2022
Dear Friends, I hope you all have had a peaceful and blessed Christmas. The situation in the world is what it is and many things are just beyond our control. The best thing we can do is to surrender those thing...Read more

Missions 2022

29 November 2022
Dear friends, Today I am writing you all to tell you about this year and all the good things that have taken place. We are now taking a break from ministry as I had back surgery done November 10th and it ...Read more

Thank you Norway!

2 November 2022
Dear friends, We have returned home from our first missions trip ever in Norway. I have to say that it was such a great time together with our brothers and sisters there. For some reason we have not been ...Read more
My autumn Harley Benton Fusion PRO HSS

Last tour of the year has started!

23 October 2022
Dear Friends, We have started our last tour this year and we have now arrived at Storstua in Røyken, Norway. The place is a hotel and social center that has christian services every evening. We are going to st...Read more
Photo session in Malax

A wonderful season

14 October 2022
Dear friends, We have now been home from Germany for some time. So far this month has been something spectacular. Last summer when I started to do my daily walks while we were at home I could not stop. I was ...Read more
Outreach in Leer

Faith is something you have, believe is something you do!

27 September 2022
Dear friends, We are now spending our last day here in Germany for this time. Right now we are at the Christian center in Krelingen outside Hannover. We stopped by here on our way up to Weener and liked it ...Read more
Michael, me and Thomas

I AM FREE in Germany

19 September 2022
Dear friends, Another week here in Germany is behind and we had have such busy but great time. I now realize how much effort and work our team here have put into this so I want to thank Thomas, Mich...Read more

Wonderful to be back in Germany

13 September 2022
Dear Friends, The time spent at home has been wonderful. I took up my daily walking and since we returned from Sweden I have walked around 140 kilometers (87 miles). It has felt good and I am feeling better b...Read more

46 days, 6000 kilometers...

15 August 2022
Dear friends, Now we have returned home after 46 days on the road. We have drive 6000 kilometers and consumed 1500 liters of diesel. It has been worth it all. I am so thankful we managed to do this trip as w...Read more
Umfors, Sweden

We are back in Finland

1 August 2022
Dear Friends, We have now been on the road for 34 days and it sure has been an adventure. Since last time we spent some days with brother Stefan and his family in Viksjö, Sweden. We got to do some rest and offi...Read more

Almost half way of the tour...

18 July 2022
Dear Friends, We are in the middle of one of those ”once in a life time” journeys. Since last time feels like a long time ago. We have had such an amazing trip with so many different ingredients. After our da...Read more
With brother Ulf in the park

Sharing the Gospel is a privilege!

6 July 2022
Dear Friends, Our journey has started and we have now been on the road for a week. We left home Tuesday afternoon last week and took the ship from Vasa, Finland to Umeå, Sweden. As we had the parrots with us...Read more

Summer time blues

25 May 2022
Dear friends, The winter is behind and the summer is just around the corner. This summer is going to be very special. Regarding to science and this world my life should have ended in February 2007, then...Read more

Over all expectations!

12 May 2022
Dear friends, We have now returned home and this trip has sure been a blessed adventure. Thinking back on what God has done during these weeks just makes me so thankful. As I wrote last time we had arrived ...Read more

6 May 2022
Dear Friends, The time spent at home has been wonderful. I took up my daily walking and since we returned from Sweden I have walked around 140 kilometers (87 miles). It has felt good and I am feeling better b...Read more

We are back in Lappland!

29 April 2022
Dear friends, We have returned to Lappland, northern Finland and today I am writing from one of the bigger ski resorts in Finland, Levi. We drove up to Rovaniemi on Tuesday and re-united with our bus that h...Read more

What a trip! We made it!

4 April 2022
Dear friends, We have now done our third trip up here to northern Finland. It has been a very interesting trip with many ingredients. As I wrote before we are living in difficult times with the horrible war ju...Read more

Time to go up north again!

18 March 2022
Dear friends, Last time I wrote we had to return home from northern Finland early as we tested positive with Covid-19. We recovered fast and we did only have mild symptoms so we are very thankful for all pra...Read more

We had to come home! Covid-19!

27 February 2022
Dear friends, We are now back home after a different adventure up in northern Finland, Lappland. We had our second service in the Pentecostal Church of Pello where we also had our bus parked. I spoke about h...Read more
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